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my share of life

im sooooo freakin' pissed!!!

there is still hope

i failed the accouting test

officially missing you

its all a blurrrrrrrrr


a keys concert!


boracay in the middle of the term

my first free saturday

summer is over... school starts.

what's it been like over a decade

happy graduation



happy birthday!

because i got high

one hot day

isn't obvious...

soooo last week...

nothing really...

kung hei fat choi!


the long day is over

starting with a new

shout at the top my voice....

life must go on...

some things can really be depressing

day full of dirt! (leaning my room)

break, break, break (sorry for the delay)

i am pissed

break, break, break

blisters on my feet

last day of the break

because everywhere it's jammed..... and in the end... there will be happy endings!

new year. new thing.