Tuesday, October 19, 2004

its all a blurrrrrrrrr

everything happened so fast.

october 16, 2004

happy birthday yot!!! it was yot's birthday. debut niya and iw as really excited and nervous din coz i haven't practiced that much for my performance. iw as really hoping i could go also to mikko's party but i can't ditch yot... kasi love ko tong person na to. pero people are expecting me to be there so i told forced my mum to let me go...

both party was awesome...

yot's party:
it happened in Patio Vitoria in Intramuros... i came there late and i thought i was but the party hasn't started. thank god i really wanted to see yot dance. so i got there unprepared and wasted as hell. haven't fixed myself. a total wreck!

got there and just enjoyed myself. a lot of iv-5 people were there and i was really shocked that one of my barkada was there and it has been a while since i last saw her.

we did some dancing, singing, shouting(ako lang pala). drinking and just having the time of my life... until i can't remember what happened. i sat down taking pictures in my phone. so i could remember that special night by...

mikko's party:
i got there all dressed up from the first party. DRUNK!!!! people are telling me stories of what i've been doing. i only passed by to say hello and goodbye to everybody coz my mum and bro was waiting for me outside.

i can't remember the party but i know i wanted to have a good time...

i did the problem was the memories of the second party was all a blurrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

a lot of people i dont know saw me drunk and a lot of them helped me out. as in kakahiya i dont even know therm i went there just to make a scandalous scene. hindi ko naman intention to be like that i just couldn't help myself pero i really want to thank all the people who were helping me. and those who laughed at me... kwentuhan niyo naman ako ng mga happenings coz i can't remember a thing about it.

i woke up the next day... walang hangover... asteeg i went to jogging as always. thank gopd someone gave me coffee to drink and according to people it was mikko's sister-in-law. ang bait niya. patch ata yung name niya well i couldn't remember talga... but my mum didn't even notice that i was drunk. isn't it funny iw as talking the whole time na sobrang wala na tlgang voice coming out of my mouth.

next time i'll let them take a video so i could see what i have been doing...

next time... later ulit... sino naman ang kasama ko...???


so that nothing will be blurrrr


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