Wednesday, May 31, 2006

i have no life as i know it

SUPPOSEDLY if you've seen over 80movies, you have no life. Mark the ones you'veseen.There are 167 movies on this list. Put yourscore in header and repost:

Total 6/11:
( ) Rocky Horror Picture Show
(x) Grease
(x ) Pirates of the Caribbean
( ) Boondock Saints
(x) Fight Club
(x) Starsky and Hutch
(x) Neverending Story
( ) Blazing Saddles
( ) Airplane
( ) my first mister
(x) the virgin suicides

Total: 5/12
( ) The Princess Bride
( ) AnchorMan: The Legend of Ron Burgandy
() Napoleon Dynamite
( ) Labyrinth
( ) Saw
( ) Saw II
( ) White Noise
( x) White Oleander
(x) Anger Management
(x) 50 First Dates
(x) The Princess Diaries
(x) The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement

Total: 10/11
(x) Scream
(x) Scream 2
(x) Scream 3
(x) Scary Movie
(x) Scary Movie 2
(x) Scary Movie 3
(x) Scary Movie 4
(x) American Pie
(x) American Pie 2
(x) American Wedding
( ) American Pie Band Camp

Total: 8/10
(x) Harry Potter
(x) Harry Potter 2
(x) Harry Potter 3
(x) Harry Potter 4
( ) Resident Evil I
( ) Resident Evil 2
(x) The Wedding Singer
(x) Little Black Book
(x) The Village
(x) Lilo & Stitch

Total: 7/10
(x) Finding Nemo
(x) Finding Neverland
() Signs
(x) The Grinch
( ) Texas Chainsaw Massacre
(x) White Chicks
(x) Butterfly Effect
(x) 13 Going on 30
(x) I, Robot
( ) Robots

Total: 8/12
(x) Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
(x) Universal Soldier
(x) Lemony Snicket: A Series Of Unfortunate Events
(x) Along Came Polly
(x) Deep Impact
( ) KingPin
(x) Never Been Kissed
(x) Meet The Parents
(x) Meet the Fockers
( ) Eight Crazy Nights
( ) Joe Dirt

Total: 10/13
(x) A Cinderella Story
(x) The Terminal
(x) The Lizzie McGuire Movie
( ) Passport to Paris
(x) Dumb & Dumber
(x) Dumber & Dumberer
(x) Final Destination
(x) Final Destination 2
( ) Final Destination 3
( ) Halloween
(x) The Ring
(x) The Ring 2
( ) Surviving X-MAS
(x) Flubber

Total: 8/9
(x) Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle
(x) Practical Magic
(x) Chicago
(x) Ghost Ship
( ) From Hell
(x) Hellboy
(x) Secret Window
(x) I Am Sam
(x) The Whole Nine Yards

Total: 9/14
(x) The Day After Tomorrow
(x) Child's Play
( ) Seed of Chucky
(x) Bride of Chucky
(x) Ten Things I Hate About You
(x) Just Married
( ) Gothika
(x) Nightmare on Elm Street
(x) Sixteen Candles
( ) Remember the Titans
( ) Coach Carter
( ) The Grudge
(x) the Mask
(x) Son Of The Mask

Total: 5/13
(x) Bad Boys 2
( ) Joy Ride
( ) Se7en
(x) Ocean's Eleven
(x) Ocean's Twelve
( ) Identity
( ) Lone Star
(x) Bedazzled
( ) Predator I
( ) Predator II
( ) The Fog
(x) Ice Age
( ) Ice Age 2: The Meltdown

Total: 7/12
(x) Independence Day
( ) Cujo
( ) A Bronx Tale
( ) Darkness Falls
(x) ET
( ) Children of the Corn
(x) My Boss' Daughter
(x) Maid in Manhattan
( ) Frailty
(x) War of the Worlds
(x) Rush Hour
(x) Rush Hour 2

Total: 8/12
( ) Best Bet
(x) How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
(x) She's All That
(x) Calendar Girls
( ) Sideways
(x) Mars Attacks
( ) Event Horizon
(x) Ever After
(x) Forrest Gump
( ) Big Trouble in Little China
(x) The Terminator
(x) Terminator 2

Total: 14/17
(x) X-Men
(x) X2
(x) Spider-Man
(x) Spider-Man 2
( ) Sky High
(x) Jeepers Creepers
(x) Jeepers Creepers 2
(x) Catch Me If You Can
(x) The Others
(x) Freaky Friday
( ) Reign of fire
(x) Cruel Intentions
(x) Cruel Intentions 2
( ) Cruel Intentions 3
(x) The Hot Chick
(x) Shrek
(x) Shrek 2

Total: 9/11
(x) Swimfan
( ) Miracle
(x) Old School
(x) The Notebook
(x) K-Pax
(x)Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
(x) Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
( ) Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
(x) A Walk to Remember
(x) Boogeyman
(x) The 40-year-old-virgin

to add everything up i have watched 114 movies in the list. what a life.

Monday, May 22, 2006

hell is not even close

P42,519 + surcharge = INFERNO!

im not really sure what triggered everything. coz everything i did was wrong. i can't seem to find the start of the story. i've been agonizing for the past month about the class i failed during my third term last year. and becauase of that i'm being punished.

the fact that im so lazy. completes my whole story. no! its not even close to .00000000001%. everything that i do is wrong. i don't love my brothers. im not responsible. i'm not growing towards the right direction. all i think about is myself. all i care about is my band and playing. i don't respect anybody. i prefer listening to my cousins than my parents. i don't listen at all. i hear but don't listen.

i'm a selfish son-of-a-bitch!!!!!

there are times that i do these things but i'm a person. i have a mind of my own and i don't let anyone tell me what to do. except for my parents. because they're the ones giving me money. and with that i mean my tuition and allowance for school.

today was the first day and it wasn't like any other first day. i am now scheduled to pay for my tuition. im a little late coz i'm following this schedule. i called papa to tell him im going home after class to pay for it. and dumb and kuripot me told him that i'm late for payment and there is a surcharge for late payment... ISSUE!

with that, he's asking me to stop going to school coz he's not willing to give me the money to pay for my tuition. i should just stay home and hangout ding nothing. he says that atleast they wouldn't be expecting anything from me coz im just at home. makes sense to me.

im gonna crack. he was telling i can now concentrate on the band. not a bad idea right? i mean i really want the band to work. the band getting paid and all i can raise the money on my own to pay for the P42519 tuition. FUN!
atleast i would be doing something i really like.

im not reacting to anything. i really dont want to argue with him. i'm just too tired of those long and depressing arguments with him. i keep thinking bad stuff that i want to do and intend to do.

my mum was forcing me to get myself together and ask him properly because i'm the one in need of his help (a.k.a. his money). i don't like to beg.

i don't beg.

so he let my chance depend on his games of solitaire. and the cards just doesn't want me study anymore. so he was telling my brothers that they're not going to study anymore so we could pay for my school. or they could len me their money so i could pay for the installment of my tuition. they did. they gave me their money without any complaints and i got 12000 from my three brothers. ain't they sweet? even if we fight a lot. we love each other.. and thats a fact!

more to this story but i have to be sleeping... its only 10pm but the story will soon get to you. its a long story.

Friday, May 19, 2006

another time for reflection

it sucks how my dad really thinks i will not be graduating this year. it's bad enough already thati failed a class and the academic assistant yesterday was repeating it over and over to my face and won't let me add a course at first (eventually she let me get the class i needed).

he doesn't really listen to what i say. i'm trying to explain to him that i already have other subjects and im just gonna add the class i failed so i could pay the tuition. but then the academic assistant helped me coz yesterday only the people with problems in accounting can enroll and the rest would have to line up again on monday. she already added the class but i have to pay my tuition on monday. i have to pay a surcharge. i called him up but i think he was talking to someone then so he just said okay and put down the phone.

it's kinda frustrating that he doesn't see how bad i'm feeling about it. i kinda need the comfort and the assurance that i can do it. he thinks already that i will not be able to do anything. i know that im 100% lazy. but there is always two-sides of the picture. even if i'm lazy, i'm good at what i do.

i am... am not bragging but just telling the truth.

i don't know how to even describe the way of encouragement of my dad. will that even help me to work hard or just slack around. i didn't want to fail i was just one of the unfortch students who took the class who failed. i'm not proud of it.

i'm not allowed to be this arrogant person i am. but i have to strong. i can't let him put me down. like he always does, i should also ignore him and do just the best i could to succeed and finish the journey to the end.

amazing race!


congratulations to BJ and Tyler! the one million prize was really meant for you. you have come a long way to prove that you really deserve the 1st prize in the amazing race 9! goodluck on more of your travels.

to the second team to arrive at the final pitstop. congrats to you erik and jeremy! its not bad to go back to waiting tables. you have been one hell of a competition in this race.

Congrats to both ray and yolanda! its just tough love you need! besides the prizes you got were awesome. and to travel the world with a loved one is a priceless thing.

i hope i can travel the world like how the contestants did it. its so much fun. i've been to some of the places they've been to. i'm thankful i could travel the world.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

keeps me thinking

i've been bumming at home for quite some time now. i never seem to think of anything except sleep and eat.

my last term in school and i haven't enrolled. what ifs came rushing in to me. what if i made my dad so mad that he wont let me enroll this time. what if i dont get the class i needed? what if i would fail a class this term? what if i left home? what if i have studied better? what if i didn't watch a movie with a friend of mine than attending a class for a change?

all these questions came to me and i couldn't find any answers. the "i told you so" line isn't enough. i need support. i've been keeping the frightened me indoors since i got that stupid report card last month.

i'm scared. i never worked out a plan that would talk about my future. i'm still young but i know i'm not that young to not think about what should be ahead of me. in less than 4 months i would hopefully finish school. i really dont know what i want to be.

i can't even picture myself during that time.

why does it have to be this hard? sometimes there are people that know already what they want and need when they grow up. for me its very complicated. did i skip a step while growing up? or was i sleeping during the lecture about the planning ahead of the future.

i keep hearing the topic but never really know what or how the step-by-step procedure works. that you can't find the right answers to the questions you have listed down while you were walking down the road.

they say its life. i say its me. its always different with every different person - life. you can't just plan and think that everything will work out the way you want it to work. its not the way the cookie crumbles.

i've been thinking a lot lately. my mum and dad always push me around. telling me what to do. and i really hate them for it. i can't blame them. they're parents and thats they usually and should always do to their kids. but i think pushing me around is not that bad. when my papa preaches i listen. i know he's right and i'm fed up with everything he says but he is really true. those things he tells me are things i should really think about coz i need someone to guide me in things i don't know.

im young and naive. and i'm scared of life. i just feel great pressure that brings me down. and i can't help but just think. think and no more act.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


in less than one week i would be going back to school to finish my last 3 months of school(1 whole semester). i can't believe how fast i was able to finish college. it seems like it was just yesterday that i was in gradeschool putting makeup on during recess with my bestfriend and just laughing so hard with what we've been doing.

speaking of my best friend... the night of mother's day when we got home from a very yummy VIP dinner at Kulinarya, i openned my mail to be surprised with a message from a very close friend of mine when i was in gradeschool.

it was her birthday yesterday and i she picked me up at my place so i could attend her party. so sweet! kathryn surio. this girl is a friend of mine. her mum and i got to talking and she was remembering only me as her daughter's only friend in STC.

we lost contact when she started to go home study after gradeschool. i never saw her again until last night. funny thing coz her house is one tricycle ride away from my place.

her mum got so excited that they gave me a free membership in their gym. we got to catch up on things. there were so many things i don't know about her. i couldn't even remember really anything about her. i just remember how sick she was before, she is quiet and she cries when she arrives to school late. i know! my complete opposite!

it was a very long time. and now i know that there will be more time for us to get to know more about each other. more time in the future to hangout and have fun like the old days.

i can't believe that was 12 years ago. im not that old but we were that young and we still consider each other as best friends. FOREVER.

going back. first thing monday morning i should be up early to attend class. i can't believe my one month is up already. but then i feel like i haven't gotten enough sleep from the tiring days i had the last term.

i have to make the most out of this week before i get to be stuck with classroom and professors and fucking classes.

goodluck to me and to everyone who failed SALESBA! let's show these fuckers how they made a mistake...

Friday, May 05, 2006

happy birthday!

greeting from manila. a happy birthday to my friends and family WHO ARE CELEBRATING THEIR BIRTHDAY TODAY!

My cousin nona

Crazy sexy cool Tin

My loving Biatch Friend

and to a very unforgettable aunt! *wink*(sorry i don't have her photo)

happy birthday to everyone and i hope everybody enjoy themselves as much as i am enjoying my life!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

the summer i never expected

everything was really planned. the thing i don't usually do (the planning in advance). but it was too good to be true. all was down the drain when i finally got my coursecard for this class (law on sales).

the whole time it was very easy for me coz the class was kinda using common sense. i was slacking at some point but i wasn't that bad. i failed. the one class i gave effort this term. the only law class i ever gave effort to even study. and i failed.

let's go back to the past.

april 5, 2006
it was the first and last day of my examination. i have to tests for that day. the first one was finish for an hour by 1130am and i have 6 hours and a half to study for that class (which i failed together with everyone who took that fucking test).

i read the book from front to back and i definitely knew i was going to pass the test until 6pm came. the day before this day i didn't go anywhere. stayed home (literally locked myself inside my room) and studied the book(and notes i have from the class) the whole day.

the test was fucking hard. everyone says so. even if i didn't study i would know those things i had the chance to answer. but i did study, and there is no difference.

april 10, 2006 - JUDGMENT DAY!!!
i went to school to pass a research paper and had to wait for 2 hours for the coursecard distribution. i wasn't really expecting to pass. but maybe i can persuade the prof to adjust my grade. i was really very participative in the class. everyone knows so.. they remembered my name even if they don't know me coz of me reciting often.

i failed the class. together with almost half of my class and other students from the other classes failed. basically nobody got a high grade in teh exam. it was as hard as my head. i couldn't really cry coz i know its my fault why i failed. but i can't help that i failed for the very first time in my life. but still i didn't cry. there was this choking feeling in me that is just stopping me to feel sad but giving way for anger.

i actually smiled to the professor when i got the card. i don't really know how to react because i never have had the prior experience of failing anything. not that i'm bragging to anyone but evrybody can relate t me when i say "first time".

i SMSed my closest friends and told them immediately. i couldn't face the fact so i just laughed it out. i was talking to my dad right after and i couldn't bare to tell him the truth. i wanted to so we could be open but i don't like to disappoint him. we've been a bragging bitches about graduating this year and i have failed him. i'm very sorry.

i was thinking of telling that i night i met with him but in the middle of our conversation, there was something that came up that hindered me from telling him about it. so i waited.

i never found the right time to tell him. until he asked me for my grades. i couldn't lie. something i've been doing quite often when it comes to school. i can't blame him to be angry. But I can’t blame myself to not really feel anything because I’ve been dragged from my bed to be scolded. I’m half asleep and being scolded. But I was still crying. I wanted to tell him I wanted to take the class during the summer but I was really thinking of what he’s gonna say.

I was so confused I just stared to thin air. Not really listening to him scolding me for what seemed like a long time but was just about 10 minutes while he was dressing up. I was just there. Thinking of what he might make me do or not do.

What is now?
First thing was the band. Mozzie is history for me until I graduate. I knew all my gigs are cancelled. My life is over. I can’t go out at nights so I’m back to sneaking out during the morning and come back drunk as hell after 3 hours of drinking my soul out. No more nightlife for me. All my friends are gona get pissed at me.

I’m gonna be stuck with my whole pretending-to-be-perfect-but-really-shattered-disengaged-family. And I really am. The whole day I’m fucking talking to my mum, my brother, my grandma or my dad. I wanted to talk to the maids but didn’t really see anything interesting to talk about.

I’m stuck with piles of books and DVDs that I have bought and have been intellectually drowning myself... making my brain and eyes bleed to death.

My supposedly-last-perfect-but-cancelled-summer is ruined. I am. And I don’t know what to do about it.

Almost over but still have to cross the finish line

a few days and term is finally over... but it is still a few days. 3 months ago, my brother made sure i will be enrolled this term. he mad...