Friday, December 26, 2008

i can't believe im thinking it

im so bored im thinking how i miss going to work... WAHHHHH!

oh my god. i just can't believe im actually thinking it. i love my job right now. im happy right now. but i dont think im that happy to even miss going to work. everytime im staying home with nothing to do, i keep hoping that the weekend ends and monday will come because im so bored at home.

i dont wanna go out that much because i will spend money when i do. maybe because i miss seeing my crush (he's so cute). its weird coming from me that i like going to work.

something to do. being productive for a change. weird because i was always the one person who doesnt like office. not the person to be tied down in one chair for 9 hours with the same thing everyday.


but here is routine and im actually enjoying it. here i am enjoying but still questioning it? what is wrong with me?

now im thinking of my future. can't work without a datebook or calendar at hand. can't decide on stuff without checking my schedule. ewe! i disgust myself. one of the things why i hate the office.

still here i am. no plans of resigning or leaving. i'll give myself a year... will i ever make it?

but can you believe im thinking it? im thinking that i hope the holiday ends so i can go back to work? or its just that im bored... still no excuse to think this way. i should do something now before i go crazy!

become a workaholic! WAHHHHHH!

2008 to 2009

This year came like a blur. I cant really remember much of what has happened over the 12 months. It is like i have drank my way to 2009 just to say happy new year when i wake up with a hangover.

January 2008

February 2008

March 2008

NE-YO Live in Manila

April 2008

Our whole family went to Taipei.

How pathetic of me. i have to look at my scrapbook just to remember these things.

May 2008

June 2008

July 2008

I turned 22 and i got nekkid men for my birthday. hahaha

August 2008

I started working in DMCI Homes. The time i met the sunshine of my life. how cheezzzy! just the person i get my inspirations from right now.

September 2008

October 2008

I took oath for passing the Real Estate Broker's Exam.

November 2008

December 2008

Celebrated my 1st Company Xmas Party. Got to be a part of the Party. Joining the department presentation, be the host of the show, commentator during the mass (which i passed to someone else 5 minutes before the mass started). I had lots of fun. We even won the competition but we haven't claimed our cash prize. and we all want it now.

There is really nothing to say for every month. Unlike last year. my year-end post is so long and got lots of photos to post. I'll try to do something about this for next year.

Work has been keeping me really busy and tired right after. i really want to have time to blog about everything that is happening. i want to keep track of what has been happening. but i dont wanna sound too into work. but i cant really help it because that is all i do now.

i wanna find time. i wanna find myself. i wanna find you. so for 2009 i dont have any resolutions. just 2009, a camera and myself to keep track of my life.

Almost over but still have to cross the finish line

a few days and term is finally over... but it is still a few days. 3 months ago, my brother made sure i will be enrolled this term. he mad...