Saturday, September 23, 2006

final freedom

as i woke that last day in boracay i wanted the time to move slower than ever. i know that we didn;t have time to go to the pool or have a short dip in the beach. we had to prepare to go home. we had our breakfast and nevver did we get to have breakfast together after the first morning. everybody wanted to move at a slower pace than usual.

as always this would mean the end of the photo op in the beach. the more we had to move faster because our ride would pick us up at exactly 12pm. we took a lot of pictures of the last time we would ever see white sand in months... (we would be going back this january for sure).

make us...


i was tired and exhausted. im feeling all the non-sleep i have been having since day one. i wanted to go with the last trip to d'mall with pam, ate and fifi but i just dont want to move anymore.

we were the cause of delay everybody. the moment the service picked us up, the girls weren't back yet from their accessory shopping to the boat ride and the bus ride back to kalibo.
never again will i land in kalibo. the bus ride is long and my back really hurts.

i'm feeling the sunburn all over my body. im itchy and my body aches. even if the vacay was suppose to be relaxation, the trip was still exhausting. the walk from the resort to d'mall. the whole station 1 to station 2 was long and hot... even more when the tricycle squeezed the 6 of us in one and charged us P60 then P50 then P4o. the walk became more and more exhausting.

we got into the plane tired but couldn't stop taking pictures of ourselves.

the view from the top

the clouds

the profile

the beautiful world

Friday, September 22, 2006

we called it freedom part II

Friday, September 15, 2006
not that early early morning but still the early bird. still excited, but not dressed up anymore. i went to get our breakfast voucher and ate already. i was hungry already but there was no tocino. so breakfast was not as good as the other day but i ate more. HUH? weird right. i had more space for food maybe because i went to the bathroom first before eating giving me enough for breakfast.

its the same thing all over again but funner!

looking at secret accessories thanks to giles.

getting ready for lunch at jammers

pictures at sunset

under the sun

water upto my feet.

last pose with a bathing suit on

someone was sleeping still...

Last Night

the night unlike any other night. we went for our last mexican galore. had a couple of drinks and partied and club paraw.

the ape in her last dinner. hopefully not the last trip.

outside club paraw. spotting some cute guys in the dark.

kulang. wala na naman si arvin. hindi ka nagtatago ngayon pero kala siguro nung waiter hindi ka kasama sa pic. a lesson you have to learn. when the camera is pointing at you try not hide but smile... :D

not drunk at all just plain fun

dancing when nobody was

peeps who got a little to drink

as three of the oldies left to rest, we were left to enjoy the our last night.

giles, his friends and family joined us in club paraw. we had a litle number of our own around the table. cool fam!

danced the night away...

danced some more...

the more i will never forget the night...

Thursday, September 21, 2006

we called it freedom part I

i had a thought all of it was just a dream. as i was feeling in my stomach as the plane was leaving the ground, i felt it was all real!!! the flood replaced by the clear seawaters made me feel i have left. i am an adult that can be trusted with not doing anything stupid.

it was funny coz this trip was planned 6 months ago and i bought my ticket just a week before we left for boracay. but my excitement was much more or almost the same as the other 5 people in this trip. it has been marked as my first ever trip without any parent around.

OH PLEASE! i can be trusted i didn't go out partying all night. i had control. and maybe because im afraid that my relatives and friends would be shocked i they see me go wild. the fact that half of us sleep early and are not used to drinking and just went to boracay for relaxation. i can't blame them it was a perfect place. and the timing was just right. not the time of the year when the island would be full of people and it would be like walking in the corridors and bumping into friends who you don't want to see or hangout with.

it was all peaceful and refreshing.

during the trip, i had to ask money from my dad of course as i just finished school. (waiting for the march on october 14) i still don't have money so i had to ask for money. i wasn't used to going to a different place where i really have to budget my money so i can still go out the next night or eat something good the next. i have to start living. i was thinking a lot of going to find work and earning money so i can go out whenever i want to coz i have the money to and can afford to.

i don't want to be the daddys-little-girl-who-can-get-money-anytime-anywhere-for-anything. my friends think that i am that girl. because i always have the latest gadgets, the expensive clothes it doesn't mean i want that life. of course i want a life where i can sit back relax but i have to work hard for it.

the life in the beach is what i want to have when i have my own business. i want that to have in my future.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006
i got up really early and gave fifi and ate a call. of course they didn't answer the phone but i have their helper wake them up. i went to bathroom and took a bath as tired as i was, i went inside the shower and prepared me and my bag. "this is really happening! i can't believe it. fuck me if this is a dream!"

i was up early that i checked the if they're ready and to ask if what time we would be leaving the house to get a cab. i also had time for a morning coffee. this is so that i could not fall asleep or anything while waiting for them. of course, as my first time to go on a trip without my parents, they were both in my room and checking if i have everything i need and had not brought anything they think might get stolen during the trip. (i know they're just concerned but i'm a big girl and i'm not the type of person who would run around and show off every goddamn gadget i have so that everybody could see.

when i was drinking my coffee, my dad went down and asked me why we're still at home, i went to the other house and asked them to leave. my lola made a comment i thought i would just forget, but i was kinda hurt. she told me that i should already get dressed when i was already dressed. just when you thought she would just be silent and kiss us goodbye, she would open her mouth and make that comment, look me from head-to-toe and have that look. (okay im still bitter) can you imagine, she compares a shirt i bought in thailand to a second-hand shirt that was bought in ukay-ukay. i can't believe it.

as we left, i was still talking about that comment until we got into the cab. it was funny, we were looking for a cab and had to walk for about a quarter of a mile to spot a cab that thankfully had its tires aired(?). well allas we got into the cab and got into the airport. we had our bags checked-in and met up with pam, arvin and J. we were waiting for the plane when it finally arrived we thought we had to drink the coffee we had just bought so we could get on the plane. but we just held on to the cup of coffee (that was one of the worst coffee i have had) and to the chocolate crossaint that i finished even before entering the plane.

freaky though coz there was this one guy that kept looking at us the whole trip and when the flight attendants were conducting the game and we were laughing as we were raising up a lot of stuff, he was laughing and looking at us. he looks like a terrorist. and he has liquids with him.


we we're in boracay!

the water is oH-so-clear. and the sun is so bright(and i liked it), there was wind, waves, fresh air(?). it felt good.

we got into our rooms and changed the moment we got there. put on our sunblock and run to the beach to take pictures. and i warn you... there will be a lot of pictures in this post. we got there around lunch and as we were hungry for food. i was hungry for pictures. the water, the sun and the beach. i wanted more.

we were waiting for everyone to get dressed so we enjoyed the sun. when i say we i mean me and ate. we were so excited. as she hasn' been out of the house for almost 8 years and i have been on house arrest for almost 3 months. we all are excited, but some of us are just a little bit afraid of the dark.

we took our first tricycle ride and it was such a waste of money, we had to tricycles and they charged us P50 each. this forced us to walk back home.

we were on a journey to eat at the recommended restaurants by J's sister, we came across this little mexican place and argued if we were gonna eat there or not. of course i wanted to try it. im a sucker for authentic mexcian food. as we would throw a small taco & margarita party in our homes.

we walked back to our place and just as relaxing, played by the shore and talked. just like in the movies. it took me about an hour and i already got my tan. we went for a dip in the beach when we realized that nobody would be dipping with us. everyone just wanted to dip into the pool and read their books and listen to their mp3's and not get any sun around them. that sucks! the only person who dared to can't coz it hurts her legs when she gets into saltwater. i couldn't really remember if we had our rest that afternoon but some got their massage and others had the last dip before it gets dark.

we went back to d'mall and had our dinner and planned to play cards after a short nap and as i was left watching movie, two hours after, that my two roommates wouldn't get up again. so i just continued watching White Chicks Uncut and CSI and Martha and i can't remember the other shows. as always... TV - enough said.

Thursday, September 14, 2006
i only got about 5 hours of sleep and i run outside to look at the beautiful beach and run inside again to wake everybody up and took a quick bath so i can jump to the pool right after a good breakfast.

unfortch, the pool opens at 9am and i finished breakfast earlier than expected. i thought i would have a very big appetite but the power of the tocino wasn't that strong.

with all the excitement and energy i had, i almost forgot the most important thing. to put on sunblock. because i burn my skin faster than any other person, i had to put on more but i didn't as you would see how dark i am now. even with the correct light, i still am just the teeth. we got into the the water expect we doesnt mean two. it was six. haha

felice attempted her first sand castle. we had our photoshoot in the water and finally got ate to agree on burrying her in the sand. and as we planned to make her a very sexy mermaid, she became this. we posed with her. despite our best efforts she looked a bit different from a very sexy mermaid. describe it yourself.

we had an early start, i just couldn't believe that we were all up even before lunch as that never happens at home. we went to lunch and heavens came upon us. the little authentic Mexican joint was to die for. but it was little too expensive than we thought it would. and im thankful that we did eat there. as i would go back for some more.

more photos, more relaxations, more beach, more sun, more tan...

we had to take a little nap before we go for sailing. i woke up an hour before the thing when i really wanted to take a dip into the pool. so i passed by pam's room and asked them what time we should be ready. i took a dip and changed into normal clothes. and to my mistake, i didn't have my bathing suit on.

we went sailing and got all wet. it was so fun but i can't stop thinking that i would drown or the sailboat would tumble over and we would be eaten by something under water. my imagination was wild. i just didn't tell anyone about it. but it was worth it.

we had to have another amusing photoshoot. took another dip in the pool and got ready for dinner. we ate at seafood lovers and i liked the food. quite a change from the expensive lunch we had at heavenly manana to this very beachy feel of seafood. pam got ready to go to work when we decided to get our henna tattoos. i choose to get my name written in old english font and a butterfly to give a girly feel to it. so i won't look like a hooligan. which in the end i did.

we had our picture taken with the very nice sand castle and walked our way to the resort and had our tattoos dry up outside under the night sky. we got our gin and juice out and concocted a drink of our own to enjoy. CHEAP! we played sunka where i was such a loser.

we thought that we we're all going to stay out there and play cards but arvin wasn't feeling very well and pam had to look after him. ate was a bit tired so she left us and didn't come back from washing her henna tattoo off. Fifi, J and i finished the drinks and decided that nobody would be coming back so we went to our rooms and called it a night. i on the other hand wasn't sleepy so i waited until it was about 2pm until i finally felt sleepy and called it a night.

set the alarm and slept for a bit...

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