Friday, October 29, 2004

i failed the accouting test

i just hate it. i failed the accounting test.

i didn't sleep because i was studying for two tests i will be taking yesterday. i popped extra joss and red bull so that i would be awake but it wasnt really helpful. i just wished i just slacked off so i wont be feeling bad that i studied kinda hard for the test. the ENVSCAN test was okay. it was just a modified true or false type of test. the take home quiz is okay and quiet easy.

i even cut my MARKETI class so i could study for the test. it is just sad that i was so proud i could understand the test easily and i just placed 4 asterisk in the letters. and after all that i still failoed. i checked while i was in the LRT - 52 points. no point of checking it again because it is a sure fail. i was so pissed because their was still time to spare. iw as the first to stand up in the class because i want to catch the last train. and i have exactly 45 minutes in the alarm.

i was really pissed that i called my friend while in the LRT and ranted everything to him. i was almost crying coz i really wanted to pass. i wasn't aiming for a high grade but if given the opportunity, okay! but just to pass. but unfortunately its 18 more points before i "break even".

when the teacher told us that she will be giving the person who gets a perfect score in the exam a 4.0 in the final grade. and i was kinda hoping at first but when i started guessing i know that i will just pass it. but i didn't realize that i will be failing. i didn't expect that i would getting a 52... FIFTY TWO! not even close to the passing grade. NOT EVEN. x-(

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