Friday, January 23, 2004

nothing really...

the day hasn't been exciting. i went to school and studied. eat hangout and chill! the main purpose of my existence in school.

good day!

Thursday, January 22, 2004

kung hei fat choi!

Happy new year to the chinese society out there. i'm actually part chinese but we don't celebrate chinese new year. pero what i love about chinese new year is the rice cake. here it is called tikoy. heaven.. pero baka tumaba pa ko lalo! im trying to work out... i mean not go to the gym pero work out something to make my body fit enough!!! ahahah... impossible... but i know i can do it...

so many people are inviting me to parties they are having and i one wasn't gonna stop so, chloe, a very close friend, picked me up and put me the drinking chamber!! drinking again! and again! everybody was drinking but they were trying to get me drunk! but they failed! so i went home and now im using the computer. im just filling out this page... i just want to tell you guys what other small things had happen to me today. right after my 4:10pm class, i waited for james (boyfriend of San) in my kingdom. hahaha and i know i was bound to sing a lot. and i did! so when he got there. we got to talk about stuff.. and stuff.. hahaha and we left by 7:00pm. i did sing a lot. people come and go. and i was there... and people came back and i was still there. what a life. HARI NG TAMBAY!

new yeaR! what will my resolution be? i don't know. i can't be certain. hindi ako pwede magsalita ng tapos


it was the craziest day. i went to school early because i had to take an iteo test (reading comprehension), which i didn't finish by the way because i stopped when i was in my 2nd to the last question to look for my watch and find out how many minutes i have left. *krrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrng* time was up. bwahaha...

i still had lots of time before my first class starts. i have no more load and the only place i know is the library. and of course friends of mine are staying there studying for accounting (i failed the very first quiz today). i had to go somewhere not to crowded and closed. i am suffocating there. but in my kingdom. the air is fresh and the ambiance is very friendly for the morning.

it was weird. i didn't sing a song in my kingdom. not a single song. it was a miracle. i just drank my morning coffee. i wanted to see 'dream' buit i saw him when i was on my way to class. just after i put my bag in san's car. we went straight to class because we don't want to be late. ah crap! i don't want to attend class but i have to! i need to bring myself in place. get my scores up high.

the day - tiring! the 2-hour break wasn't enough for watching "My Sassy Girl". We didn't even get to the good part. But we had to leave. it was our accounting test. and we didn't want to be late as always. so as always, i didn't get anything right. i didn't even know if i scored anything from the identification part. it was horrible. i can't even understand how the journalizing goes. pathetic! i shouldn't have cut classes. buit even if i did attend the class. i would be so drunk, i wouldnt understand anything too.

Whacked! i went to glorietta. i hitched in san's ride and i went all the way to glorietta to eat then go home. i just wanted to go somewhere. i wanted to see some friend of mine, but unfortunately, that some friend doesn't want to see me. it's hard. when all of a sudden, you lost contact of a very close friend. you would miss him/ her so much. just a single day without talkin' or chattin' with the person - would kill you. its like a whole year, whatsoever time, that you have been apart. what more if you're not just friends. it would be very hard to lovers to be apart even for a second. i wonder?

i was just thinking... what if something happens to me... whatb if i die tonight. i didn't have the chance to say i love you to the one i love (i haven't found you!), to the people i love, family and friends. who will cry? who would lock themselves up in their rooms and mourn. what would people do? will the "cry" indicate friendship? i wish that those people i consider as friends would cry just a little teardrop. i don't intend to be the cause of pain. but i just want to know... who are my friends? who are my true friends?

i once wrote:
friends are there when i have money
friends are there when i am happy
but now i'm broke, i can't see their faces
now i'm lonely, i ask, "Why are my friends hiding from me?"
is it just my wealth you're after?
are you just a friend for laughter?
can i count on you to be here beside me?
will you be a friend for eternity?

i was just a kid when i wrote this. but i feel that some friendsa re not really friends. i know who... i just want to see... but if i'm wrong, i'm so sorry. it's just how you show this it to me.

crazy days give me crazy ideas. crazy, ain't it? i just wonder. am i crazy?

"to be or not to be. that is the question."


Saturday, January 17, 2004

the long day is over

how can i say that the day is over? do i need to say something? i mean oh well. this day was very tiring. i wake up, took a bath, dressed up and went to school. i stayed in school from 10:20 - 7:00pm. 8 hours and 40 minutes, i was running here and there inside the school campus. butbut half the time, that i was there, i was hanging out in my kingdom.

i had a very good lunch. it was a good lunch. not only does my wallet still has something in it, but also does my stomach full and tight. bsta. i was solved by 57 pesos. 1 bartburger, 1 jumbo burger a juice and a song, it felt like heaven! heaven to me. i kept thinking if i get someone to be with during the times i want to eat in BM (Burger Machine - place to go when you are saving money or if you dont have money at all), even if its far away, i could really save up. hah!!! this is something to think about. or maybe!!!! i should just bring my own food everyday.!!!

we have our ROTC tomorrow. and it bugs me that i have to wake up early again tomorrow to go to school. it bums me big time that we would be under the sun for 6 hours... actually not our platoon (we are just the regular guys! people don't care about us.. not a bad thing! at all!). we stay at the classroom and burn our butts until the we check our attendance in the field again and leave. hahhahahahah! i think it is really a waste of time to go to school and do that program. i don't know why they still implement that law... as i said, it is a law! so what can we do about it? even if we have the right to question that law??? as many people did, to take the program away, we will still fail. as to the governemtn it is an obligation. hahaha! obligation my ass. whatever!

i was watching this film, "il mare"(means 'the sea'), when i remembered recent events in the recent life in the recent recent recent!!!! it is a long story? 'i will tell you a long story. can i trust yoU!!!???' *sniff* *sniff* *sniff*

happy birthday tito villy! i hope you have many more birthdays to come... it is the birthday of my cousin's father, tito villy. they're our neighbor so when i got home from school, they invited me over to eat dinner. i was alone eating but it was fine. siomai, shanghai rolls, hicken, pancit... i was solved again!. i catched up with them when they were playing MONOPOLY. i was chatting with ate chri about the LRT and MRT. hahaha sana pwede na tyo magsabay sa LRT. mas masaya... wish ko lang!

the day is almost over. i have to sleep early. for tomorrow is another long day. hahaha catch ya'll when i catch ya'll!

Friday, January 16, 2004

starting with a new

everybody has to start somewhere...

i just got home from school 9:00 in the evening with all the thought in my head of surfing the net. i was hoping to catch someone in the messenger. to find five former classmates of mine from St. Theresa's College.

we started conversing about love and love and love... many thoughts, many experiences shared. then we ended up having the group of singles... blog, friendster, e-group, mail, we have made one for our group. we are commemorating our singlehood. that even if we are single we enjoy life as it is and enjoy being single. its not an abnormality. it will come and time will tell.

it is true. we singles are sometimes your savior. without us, you won't have those people you can run to when you have problems with your partner, kung gusto niyo ng date and desperate to find one. here we are!

we are not jealous. actually its much better because we have to get ourselves into the thinking... what we really want and what we need. we coud prepare for the person who we could share things with. when it's time, it's time. no matter how bumpy the road will get, it will!

we have converse about it. i kept thinking. would this be singles for life? would there be anybody? so soulmates are not true? because if anyone, out there is for me, why hasn't he came to save me from this treacherous world.

moving on! the time has come to forget the past and think of the present. don't think about the future because it will only make your head hurt. pain, pain, pain, pain!

"life is a road, i want to keep going. love is a river, i want to keep rowing. life is a road, now and forever. wonderful journey. in the end, i wanna be standing at the beginning."

Thursday, January 15, 2004

shout at the top my voice....

have you ever felt the urge to shout when you're so pressured of the happenings around you. its so hard not to see feel that burst in your heart. lidsuabdcldasjcnwli;euhfwnc lwuic;wajke clawhc;woai cwqb delau awdjncfeqwhgc'awoedichewjdb...

i really want to shout at the top of my voice. but i really can't. even if i wanted to. people will hear me and they would be asking me and i would be telling them my problem and it would result to crying and crying and crying. i really don't want that. my eyes hurt already. i've been crying my eyes out since monday and my eyes is not that swollen but it really hurts. it's like i've not slept for a whole week.

if you look at it closely. i don't want people to call me selfish but it would be very painful for both sides if it will continue. long-distance does not work that well. it is really hard. i know. i've been there and i don't think can do it again. pero if i don't know, i really can't say something. i couldn't end my statement because at times like this never does it happen that there is a repetition of situations. i couldn't get myself to type it and give out all the emotions inside of me. i just couldn't get it out of my system.

have you ever thought of this... my friend posted in our groups the question "is love for you?" have you given a thouht to this. when will it really come. when it will stay? who will it be? how will it happen? will it ever come? we don't know. well its for us to find out... i once said that if you want to know the taste of the food, you have to find it out yourself.

think about it. i am still thinking too.!!!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

life must go on...

i have news. i think i would "never had a dream come true. till the day that i found you. even though, i pretend that i've moved on. you'll always be my baby" hehehe. it has been a day of misery yesterday for me. i'll continue it later.
peace out!

My inner child is six years old today

My inner child is six years old!

Look what I can do! I can walk, I can run, I can
read! I like to do stuff, and there's a whole
big world out there to do it in. Just so long
as I can take my blankie and my Mommy and my
three best friends with me, of course.

How Old is Your Inner Child?
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i think it was the six year old me who dictated that it should end. i had my reasons and it doesn't really matter.

January 12, 2004
early in the morning, my friend picked me up and we talked from then. there is really nothing to share. the fact that we are still friends is enough. that is enough. i wanted to feel happy but still, i can't make out the smile i use to have in face all the time. well time will come. i'll be fine. it won't be easy to forget. why should i? even if there are bad time, i have learned from them and it made me different. I told a friend that i can do it again but i think i can never be a martyr like before. i have done it once and i don't think i should do it again. he yold me, to follow my heart. bullshit. i an never hear my heart beat again. its very hard to find someone that would make you smile and just view life with much happiness. what more could i ask for a friend.
almost everybody who have heard the news, consoled me in different, yet comforting way. Yot, nicky, trish, chloe, raise, chet, mike, and enzo hugged me. Reden, dove,san, nicole, jc, joel, ange, and zaza gave me advices. they were very helpful. but i'm very thankful for reden. he has gave me the strenght to do what i really have to do. the people who gave me the hug, did this without question. they approached me and gave it to me when i really needed it. i've realized i have friends who loves me and i love back. i love you guys! i really wanted to cry but no tear has fallen again since that very morning.. thankful as i am. but i wanted to shed tears. it would make the pain go away if th etears gushed from my eyes down my face and into my hanky. but no, i am still numb. numb numb numb

love is blind. as far as the eyes can see. deep and meaningless. words to me. easy lover, i need a friend. road to nowhere. twist and turns but will this ever end. love will always flourish. it doesn't go away. it is hidden. there is pain because there is love and if there is love automatially there is pain. a friendly reminder: to love is something extraordinary. to be inflicted with pain is something you sacrifice for something extraordinary.

January 13, 2004
another ordinary school day. but it is not quite ordinary. i ahve spent 1000 bucks for this day. but not for food. for something different and shocking - school books and supplies. i'm gonna get that money back. well everything was in place. we had our classes, i ate, i hanged out in agno, and i started to like economics. whoa! something different.? yes! i have liked this lass since today. but i don't know until when. maybe it's just the topic of discussion - Maroeconomics (geek!!!), maybe its because it wasn't too animating like our economic lass before. not that i'm complaining but to tell you guys the truth. even if i got 2.5 = 80-84, i still didn't understand anything from that class. we all had our laughs but that was all. i could remember those stories but never the lessons. it was sad because he was a very good teacher... maybe it was me... we don't know.

i was thinkin' what if joel is right. what if "pare" would happen.?? NAH!!! that won't! you know why. because it won't. enough said! i can tolerate whatever teasing you give me. i don't care.

i missed my old self. i've been very sentimental these past two days. and i don't really like acting this way. i want the wacky kat!!!! i want her back!!! soon!!! it will take someone... DREAM... it will take something... DREAM... it take everything... DREAM. it will take DREAM... for me to go back to normal. take care people!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2004

some things can really be depressing

I am Spongebob!

Which Spongebob Squarepants Character Are You?

this made me happy. even if im still a little depressed... ill tell you everything. its just not yet sure.

whatever happens... i will do the best i an to still be the me you know.

Saturday, January 10, 2004

day full of dirt! (leaning my room)

the new look for my room in the year 2004. it was mum's idea, to clean-up my room and i have filled up an entire trash bag with all the papers i have compiled during this school year in DLSU. i didn't realize my room is a living library of handouts, copied notes (xerox). and books (xerox). it is really one of my problem. i am always having a hard time throwing things away like my first and last perfect test in COMATH1 and everything. i put sentiments on it so i couldn't just throw it away. and sometimes, it may be of help in the futures to come.

when i was in fourth year highschool. i was part of the crative writing classes. it was my elective and i really had fun. i became almost close to other batchmates who barely know. (not really my thing) and i got close to a friends "beach". in one of our class, as an assignment, we had to write an essay about what i need that could have help in me and in the country. it goes a little something like this: blah blah blah.. having a a robot who is almost exactly like me. but doesn't have the heart. so they could do things for me. like my personal yaya! harhar. bsta. it went somehow. the professor kinda liked the idea! harhar. (this is just a very opinionated opinion).

back to the real story, i was shocked at the dust at the bak of the computer, boxes and other stuff in my room. it was full of dust rabbits. (the one in the lizzie mcguire show) well ewe! my room has been a complete nightmare. i couldn't lean-up all day so i decided to take break from it and wandered around the house and in the other houses and played badminton outside. something to do that wont let all the fat from the food i've eaten to be stuck in my body forever. in short to burn the fats! haha now i have been sneezing with all the dusts i have encountered during the day, i can feel all the dirt in my nose. just don't picture it. it doesn't look good. it make you barf big time!

i have taken a break again ang mama started telling me to clean up again. the very big problem why i couldn't clean up is because i don't know where i should put the stuff i have cleaned when it is clean already. my roon is so small to move the furniture around. some cabinets just dont fit. it gets worst. i still have my TV set in the box. i couldn't use it unless i have cleaned the whole room. without leaving any sign of spiderweb or dust spots. the very big box has taken all the space in the room so i have to move the box everytime i want to get something or when i want to go out of the room or i want to change or anything.

i don't have my privacy from the things i do inside my room like change in some dress or outfit. there would be times when i'm all naked somebody would just barge in and not even have the decency to knock on the door. it is just really hard for me. i would really like to put cement on the other door (the one connecting my room to my parents). that is why i have an idea. lola rosie is a very weak person already, and she couldn't go upstairs fast. she is having ahard time going to her room. so if papa would make lola a room in the first floor. i woul djust get lola's room and turn it into mine. it would be better because it's bigger and i would really have the privay i want. but because that is MY idea. nobody would ever know. my thoughts never count in this family. whatever! later!

Friday, January 09, 2004

break, break, break (sorry for the delay)

three classes and a break:

something unusual happened today - i came to school early not having a good reason to be early. the moment i openned my eyes, i went straight to the bathroom and dressed up as fast as i can (in my pj, white shirt, flappyflappy - total sleeping outfit), but not knowing it will look like that. without a doubt, my dad scolded me like any other day that he sees me in a shirt without a collar. beause that's the rule. i can't leave the house with wearing something without a collar, that is not a school attire. what is? office attire?... that's why people perceive me as a very mature person.. with all the crap i get during the early morning. i went to school one and a half hour earlier than my class that starts at 9:40. what a waste. but i couldn't take all the crap i get when im at home. it a very confidential story and i an't mention anything (but in time).

i had my last song to be sung in my kingdom. SAN (my buddy), was with me and we will go to our different classes after that last song. we were savoring it's every tune when the bell rang. so we had our first class and from my kingdom to LS (where i will be staying all my college life. the other end of the world) the class moved to miguel (just around the corner) to watch an introductory video for ENGLONE. and because there will changes in our teacher. we were dismissed after the 20-minute video. and so my 2-hour break starts with an extension of an hour because an hour of ENGLONE class remains. Amabel and I waited for Nix to arrive. it took her a 2 hours to arrive school and i met her alone in agno and the first thing i asked her, "how traffic was traffic?" then we went to venue to play a little billiards. and minute passed, we didn't realize it was already time. all in all it wasnt a bad boring break. i have accomplished a lot of things but it was bad for my pocket. it was left with nothing.

COMP2AE is the next best class. we had check our mails, logged on to site and stuff, when the teacher (Mr. See, the same guy) arrived, we all hooted and shouted fro joy because he was a very nice teacher. because he was our teacher, he just interviewed some other students not from our block. then we were off again leaving us a thirty minute break again where i could just get a sneak peek in my kingdom if "dream" is there. And he was. and some other friends... like honey (ang pinagkakamalan), JC (intphil guy), some other goks friends. and off i am to my last class....

Save the best for last... ECONONE is out last class. the teacher again was late for like 10 minutes and he just grouped us we laid us the classroom rules and we were off. We were free! dismissed at last! and you can just guessed where i went to. yes youa re very right - my kingdom!

it was worth it. every minute of it was for keeps. my eyes, my tummy, my heart and whole body was satisfied. the siomai was great. dream was great. i couldn't think of anything else. what could i have possibly wish for that i don't have. we know that. but it couldn't happen because of some friend. but it was okay. dream will come true and in time.

in conclusion i had 4 hours of break and with everything that happened it was worth it. i say it was worth it, baby! and i know its for keeps.

pero i was thinking what have i done. why does everybody say that i've fallin deeply in love with dream? it a hefty estimate for me to say that i've fallin' in love with dream. i know it's just an infatuation... i'm just fond of him being all that wacky and funny all the time. and besides i've yet to experience it myself. like i always say, "to feel is to believe", and i don't feel anything. so there is really nothing. kaya to the people in agno. please do not spread the rumors. it will affect my image. it will destroy my reputation. and it would be hard to change it. like echo whose image is the "manggugulo", he is known like that before the people even know his first name. i don't want to have a hard time changing an image.

harhar. from all the break, break break. one things for sure i know i'm happy! shalala! it's so nice to be happY! everybody should be happy!! shalala! happy! happy! happY!

i am pissed

i have types my suppose to be my longest blog yet. but with my computer being this P5000 worth only. the internet got diconnected when i was publishing it and didn't reover any post... SHITHEAD. i should've learned from past and still im doing it all over again. im just going to continue my "break, break, break" story when i'm all awake.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

break, break, break

the topic for today is 3 subjects and a break. my subjects for today started at 9:40. but as early as 8am. i got to school one hour and a half earlier than my class because i don't want to stay home with all the blah blah blah here, and blah blah blah there. the moment i openned my eyes, i went straight to the bathroom and dressed up as fast as i can(my pjs, plain white shirt, and flappyflappy), but without knowing it. and my dad, without a doubt, scolded me again. for the nth time.

from agno, san (blockmate) and i harrassing ourselves to LS (the end of the world) where our class is. but the room was changed beause we were to watch an orientation / introduction on ENGLONE. and right after the short video, we were dismissed already. but because our class was divided into two (this subject only), half of them went back to their respective classroom. while amabel and i went to agno to wait for nix to arrive from the traffic. because nix took so long to arrive we still hanged out at SJ walk (cute-guy-spotted). there were none!. i left amabel and met up with nix and the first thing i asked her was, "how traffic was traffic!?". it was horrible. she arrived 2 hours after she left the house.. we ate siomai (so cheap, so yummy!) and ended playing billiards. and i, in onclusion had my three hours of break.

COMP2AE is my next class and our teacher (See, the same guy) was as always late, and after telling us what we would expect in this class, we were dismissed. the whole time he was talkin', i was checkin my mail (yahoo and hotmail). thank god i have openned at last my hotmail account. it was full already i wasnt receiving any messages since december 26. exxag!!!!all my mails bounced. so whoever sent me something. i'm very sorry i didn't get the chance to read your mail.

another 30-minute break for me in my kingdom. but i couldn't be late for my next class so pulled one song and savored every tune of it. it was worth it!!!

my last class and i'm off. hahaha. the teacher (Dr. Raymundo) was late and when he got there, the silence was deafening. you can even hear a pin drop to the floor. just asked us to group ourselves, gave us an assignment, and laid the classroom rules. and we were off. what a relief that they didn't start to discuss anything. ECONONE was over.

the day was over, 3:30 and my break added up to 4 hours all in all. it wasn't that bad for me. but it was for my pocket. it was all because dream. he was there... hahaha. he was all! i was okay! dream was there, i was there. dream went to class, so did i. dream went home, so did we.

joel, echo and i sung our last song in the kingdom and straight home. the moment i stepped in the house. i saw the food in the dining table, so i ate dinner so i could try to finish my assingment in accounting. but sadly, i couldn't get myself in place. to hold a pen and a 10-column worksheet and start the review exercise we were given. i really couldn't. i will just copy someone else's assignment tomorrow. i have all the time in the world. i have a 2-hour break everyday of the week. and i hate this sched of mine. i just didn't feel like adjusting anymore because it was really hard lining up in the office and knowing there the class you wanted to adjust into is closed. blah blah blah! i would just force myself to take it for the passing grade. to finish it and not fail. whatever. i wish we had our sched the last two terms. it was a nie one. not that much breaks and its halfday either the in the morning of in the afternoon. next term, i would definitely pick a subject which starts early and ends early. thank god next year we wouldn't have PE and ROTC. that would be taking out thorns from my throat.

well all i did was tell mystory. well because that is the purpose of this site. all about me, me, me, me, me, and me alone. but tell you something. when i hear something really funny or sad that you guys should know about. i'll tell you as soon as possible. well i gotsta go. catch you later.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

blisters on my feet

the day ended with my feet aching because i've walked from amorsolo st. to dela rosa st. and back. my feet wasn't used to all the long walking with my sandals.

pero the truth is... the day wasn't that boring at all. i went to finish fixin' my educational plan papers this afternoon and it went like hell. my mum and i waited for an hour just to be called and having to sit again because they atteched it to the wrong paper... sadly it was mine.

i was strollin around greenbelt until i went back to CAP. walking..... walking... walking... my feet hurts like hell.. i wanted to take a cab but it wasn't that far. i was just tired of all the things i've been doing during the break. i didn't buy anything because.. i only have 500 bucks in my pocket... what can i buy...

i shouldn't spend much these days.. i have to get my organ back. (9700 golden money!!!)... and because my unhealthy habit... (doodie! harhar!) one big number! dont ask. even if i have lots of oh-my-god-i-want-to-buy-that-things, i shouldn't. coz i have to pay up... im all drained... tomorrow is our first day... and i don't want to go to school. but just one factor urges me to... the dream.... baby face with oh my god those dimples. uuuuhhhhh! cute talaga. see you sa agno, dream!!!!!!

i need to go to sleep. i have to wake up early because as always i am slow.... slow... slow...

last day of the break

nothing has yet to happen. so hold to your knickers... am still about to embark on a very boring day ahead of me... later!

because everywhere it's jammed..... and in the end... there will be happy endings!

today was the first day of my brother back to school... hahaha. ramon, miguel and JL, had to sleep and wake up early so they won't be late. oh god i don't miss those days. when you would wake up in the morning feeling so damn tired and use some lame excuse so that you won't go to school. act like you're sick or something like that... never fails me... it works everytime.

while i was dragged early in the morning to go to school to enroll my ass off.... well i got there not later than 11am. and i was shoked on how the accounting office was full and had to accept the fact that i wont finish working for my school papers... so i deided to bum my way to agno (my kingdom!!!)... until lunch time was getting near. so i decided to get my big butt out of agno and into the long line of the registrar. in matter of time... the line was gone. i didn't have a hard time... but when i got into the accounting. boredom!!!!!!!!! desperate need to go out again.. so i just waited for my O.R. and went staright to agno again... so i could see my true love (dream). he was there... he said to "i love you" twice... do you the feeling of being speechless. i am always like that when he say very shocking lines to me... hahaha he is so cute that dream of mine!!!!

i went to fix my educational plan papers an because i dont have a ride. so a friend picked me up and we went to the mall for a while after going to CAP. then he dropped me off at my dad's job site... end of the day... im safe at home... harhar

Sunday, January 04, 2004

new year. new thing.

do you believe in love?
at first in was in the state of whatever! love is not forever. it will come and go. and it will leave your heart burning in all the depression and angst. but that is all a maybe. i am not an expert just a mere spectator of love. i haven't experience it but i was in a dream about it. i felt really good...

.....zzzzzz..... i so pappy in agno with some of my friends.... he was so cute... he is really a dream...

i am totally in love. i try to hide it but i cant. i am nice and pritty in my own way and i am a bit of a daydreamer myself.

today was so boring. i couldn't help but just surf around the net. so bored thaT i went to to take some test and find out some not-so-important-but-you-need-to-know-somehow stuff....

and here are the results.

which male celebrity i would end up marrying?
Elijah Wood
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and I hope that you had fun

What Celebirty are you going to MARRY?!(14 outcomes with pics for anyone)
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what type of drink am i?
You like it fast and strong and you drink for one reason: to get piss-ass drunk!
Congratulations!! You're a shot of some good old
hard liquor!

What Drink Are You?
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what type of ice cream?
strawberry. not too sweet, not too sour. GO YOU

which harry potter character am i?
dumbledore, you are the greatest. voldemort is afraid of you.

which spongebob charater am i?
U r Mr. Krabs, u really care bout money, money, and money, but it is okay cause then u could get rich, and famous (yah right), good luck!~

which F-R-I-E-N-D-S character are you?
Your Rachel!!!

what F-R-I-E-N-D-S character r u?
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sex and the city quiz?
You are Samantha!  You're sexy, sassy and a bit of a slut!  You're older than you look and you have certainly lived!  Men don't have any power over you, you're the one in control%
You are Samantha! You're sexy, sassy and a bit of
a slut! You're older than you look and you
have certainly lived! Men don't have any power
over you, you're the one in control and you
love to show then who's boss! Deep down though
you are searching for true love.

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worst hangover ever. when my mum and i got back from MOntalban (her hometown). as we celebrated New Year with her side of the family, i had finished the whole bottle of tequila and climbed my way upstairs.. it was really hard... a climb to remember... harhar... when i woke up, i couldn't move my feet, my arms, my legs, my whole body except my lovely fingers. my head aches like some prick is trying to put some curse on me. i hate it... when i had the strength to stand up. i got to my pills and had taken three Advil! it was such a relief. advil really works for me. i don't know where i'd be without them.

i'm so bored. i have turned down every party where i was invited. they were a lot. even if most people will start their school tomorrow, they still organize parties... they will conduct it in boracay.... all expenses paid. damn you rich kids, cavite, laguna... i mean they are all so far from my house. if only... *dreaming*

even if my cousins and my brothers are having the garage sale. i can't take myself out there and help. sorry about that. im just not in the mood. and i'm kinda lazy these days... sana we could just to some place else where we could sell those things and youn know, we could even sell them at a higher price. and earn a much bigger number. oh well. don't mind me. i'm just bored.

bored bored bored... this is the first time in my whole life that i wanted to go bak to school... its just that i like being in school. not the fact that i want to study but... in school i have so much fun i forget everything and just think about the present... i don't think about what would happen. now, when i don't have anything to do, i just try picturing myself in the future. or the if situations... just to ghet my mind of the blank! it makes me feel that i'm dumb or something. that i don't have anything in my head, i don't have the brains. i dont' have a life.....
happy birthday to my dearest zaza. harhar. zaza is my kadaeveryday friend. she is currently studying in benilde. and lastnight she, celebrated her debut.

the place was full of famous people from hollywood (we wish!) Relatives and friends came in glitz and glamour. and everybodyw as there to celebrate the wonderful evening and give joy to zaza's being here for 18 years. --->full of crap!!!!!

you could say that it was a reunion for some of our classmates. since the last time (i can't remember when), this was again the first time we meet. it was really fun. we get to tell zaza how we really love her. she's our friend that we would never forget. i didn't bring my camera so i'll just ask for copies of the picture after tonight. whenever!

for us, we had to show a video to zaza that we have been doing since forever. at first i didn't care about it, but because i was zaza's closest, i was given the responsibility of i tell - EVERYTHING! well it was okay as long as it's for zaza. but her sister! uuh!... oh well. long story!... all i can say is she's not the birthday girl. and the gift is not for her... thats all in the past...

the video took 20 minutes full of meesges from her friends that i have interviewed. commentaries from us.. and her pictures. na ginawa naming MTV. basts ool sha... may boring na part lang talaga para sa kin. kasi i have watched it 5 times and i edited it pa. i was drowned in zaza's everything. pictures. pictures. pictures. pictures.

the night was young and we started dancing when the music was turned on... we didn't stop until all got home. as ong as the music was up. we had fun in short.

happy birthday zaza!!!! love you!

Thursday, January 01, 2004

harhar. it was a nice talk. i hope it will be forever.
something to write about

It's been a while since i last logged-in here. I have lots to share from the sadness to the joys of life.

last Sepetember, mika and paolo got back together. two good friends of mine. they got back together... cute story... a week after. Paolo goes ballistic over a family friend of mika and paolo breaks up with her. makes her pay for the necklace he gave her.

Its was so insensitive of him. he gave it to mika and then lets her pay for it. what a real jerk. if i will have a boyfriend like that.. thanks! but no thanks... it doesn't matter how cute he is, but if he is a big booger like that. blech!@!@!

Actually i can't express myself with their story because its a very hefty estimate. i've yet to experience it myself like fallin' in love. just hearing, reading stories like that it makes me cry for so long and i just want to kill the person because it reaLLY HURTS. . It's bad that she gave him another chance even if they're almost the perfect couple before. and if ever i had the oppotunity to bring back time... I would have just told them to stay as friends. it would be better that way. i am not an expert on these types of situation, i speak for my own opinion on what i see and in what i conclude from those...

It really sucks. In school, it has been very busy but with all my new friends, it's been a blast... My friends are great and school has been hard and all. at least i have experienced the whole lot of it.

so all-in-all my life has been meaningful. I have been learning alot from my experiences. it's much better to be very close friends than having the commitment. because there will be no way that you will hurt each other's feelings. And in school. i should be friendly. and not be a snob. because it's so much of relief to have lots of frineds to go to when you're down and tell your stories and secrets to. to confide to and treasure forever...

... the long day is over and you will have them there to listen to you. tiring as it is. you talk to them over the phone and tell stories to each other and share laughters to one another...
[ Tue May 06, 01:53:00 AM | katrina pastor | edit ]
i can't take it... every guy wearing a cap that sits next to me or is beside, i get nervous. I remember the incident that happened recently and i can't help but wonder how stupid i am not to check the door locks.

May 2, 2003 (Friday)
Lola, my cousin and i went to a party in J.P. Rizal. It all went well. During the book browsing in fully booked (former PAGEONE store in Powerplant). The desert in Icebergs Jupiter. Then all of sudden because of a single stupidity, i almost got robbed. We were driving along Osmena Highway when a White Pajero stops and wanted to change lanes. The door then opens and i thought 'why open now, we have been driving for almost 15 minutes now.'. As i reached for the door a man wearing a cap just tried to get my phone. I was holding it tightly and i don't want to let go. He didn't have the chance to get my phone. I lost my strength and power over everything. I couldn't breath normally and i was left speechless.

... i was traumatized... i can't think of anything else other than that.

Now everytime I'm inside the car. i never forget to check the locks again. I'm afraid that it will happen again. And I'm just lucky that that man didn't have a knife or a gun with him. Because if he did, he would have stabbed me or shot me dead... I can't let him do that. I still have lots of things to accomplish like school. and lots of things to prove to my mum and my dad...
and i think i hate them both!!!

May 5, 2003 (Monday)
It's the day of my enrollment in De La Salle University. My mum told me days before to finish everything i need for the enrollment. I did what she told me. I wasn't really excited and i was tired. i haven't slept well. Well we were there and there was a very long line for getting just one piece of paper. It was hot and hot and hot and HOT!!!! I finished the first step and off we went to the next. I told my mum to tell me everything i needed to do but she didn't. We went on and on until got pissed at each other we almost shouted at one another. She made me pay for my p.e. uniform and she should have gave me money. I hate her....
Then today when we were eating lunch with the whole family, my mum told the very nice experience we had during the enrollment. My dad now reacted that if i'm pissed with simple problems, might as well not go to school and just work in Jollibee.!!! the hell with him!!!. he talks and talks and talks and he doesn't do anything. He just lectures me about life but he doesn't show how to do it. because he doesn't know!!!
He thinks he knows everything but he doesn't. He is not God!! I hate them!!!!!!

Well off i go to the mall and i'm going to shop till i don't have money left in my wallet. I need to to take my mind out of the subject and that is the only way!!!

Almost over but still have to cross the finish line

a few days and term is finally over... but it is still a few days. 3 months ago, my brother made sure i will be enrolled this term. he mad...