Friday, January 16, 2004

starting with a new

everybody has to start somewhere...

i just got home from school 9:00 in the evening with all the thought in my head of surfing the net. i was hoping to catch someone in the messenger. to find five former classmates of mine from St. Theresa's College.

we started conversing about love and love and love... many thoughts, many experiences shared. then we ended up having the group of singles... blog, friendster, e-group, mail, we have made one for our group. we are commemorating our singlehood. that even if we are single we enjoy life as it is and enjoy being single. its not an abnormality. it will come and time will tell.

it is true. we singles are sometimes your savior. without us, you won't have those people you can run to when you have problems with your partner, kung gusto niyo ng date and desperate to find one. here we are!

we are not jealous. actually its much better because we have to get ourselves into the thinking... what we really want and what we need. we coud prepare for the person who we could share things with. when it's time, it's time. no matter how bumpy the road will get, it will!

we have converse about it. i kept thinking. would this be singles for life? would there be anybody? so soulmates are not true? because if anyone, out there is for me, why hasn't he came to save me from this treacherous world.

moving on! the time has come to forget the past and think of the present. don't think about the future because it will only make your head hurt. pain, pain, pain, pain!

"life is a road, i want to keep going. love is a river, i want to keep rowing. life is a road, now and forever. wonderful journey. in the end, i wanna be standing at the beginning."

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