Sunday, February 25, 2007

party with no booze

what has been happening? i keep attending parties not serving any kind of booze...

i first i waited for my parents to sleep and i snuck out of my house to party with some friends at their place. it was cool coz they have a big pool in their backyard. and i love pools...

my friend is a aspiring chef and is very good at it. he served us with great meals and of course when i want to take some pictures, i dont have my camera with me.(my brother borrowed it to upload something and didnt return the cam to me that night. the food was great.

for appetizers: Smoked gouda and prosciutto panini

for the main course: Portabella mushroom pasta in gorgonzola artichoke sauce

on the side of: apple something salad with lots of greens

and for dessert: is the most famous "chloe's banana cream pie and baked cheesecake topped with any fruits of your choice"

all this complimented with water instead of a nice bottle of Merlot or Pinot Noir

NO BOOZE? i also miss the fondue set chloe...

an evening of nothing to do, i went over again to a friends house. the usual drunkard that he was, got me really shocked when he served tea or coffee of your choice. you can choose from donuts to cereals to anything that is edible inside the house.

freddy? is that you? what happened? NO BOOZE?

am i missing something here? have i been sleeping for a 100 years that people stopped drinking too much alcohol?

tonight i went to my family friend's birthday bash. i was shocked we got there and not a single person is holding a bottle of beer (the obligatory drink of parties). people taking lots of pictures. chatting singing, playing with the "adorable" kid, and eating lots of good food.

NO BOOZE? shouldnt be a shocker coz her parents are very strict. we chowed down the food and ate away the bowl of pistachio that is sitting infront of me. we were all wishing that the water was gin and the coke had rhum, but it wasn't. IT WASN'T!

i dont know what happened to this world. but i want the old one back!!!

Friday, February 23, 2007

what you can do when you have lots of makeup...

the other night while as always i was super awake. my cousins were recording some songs and i was stuck at home listening to them play. as i was bored of surfing the net. i decided to take my caboodles (filled with all my make-up collection) out and play with myself.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

freaky saturday

as always i was expecting to stay home and live the bum life. stay inside my room and surf the net. that's my life for the past 5 months. im not complaining. how can you complain when you dont have to be distracted by deadlines, bills and the grownup stuff you need to be dealing with - money!

im not yet working. and i dont know if i want to. its still unclear. nobody can help me right now. i dont know if i already need a shrink to gather my thoughts and organize it like it was before.

i had nothing to do so when my mum told me to go to dress up and go to my brother's school, i did. but it took me almost three hours to get to the school and when i got there she was there already and she was thinking that i decided not to go and im still in bed.

the usual family day actuvity happened... my brother was wearing a pink shit where a hanging pink cartolina with a big colorful peace sign was on it. he was next to dance in the school grounds. i was getting my camera ready for the pictures i would be taking.

after watching them dance, my mum asked me to buy something to drink and to eat. because the program was over, there were a lot of people buying some food. and as time passes, the crowd's getting thinner because they're not interested in watching the volleyball game of the parents or even playing bingo afterwards.

the whole time i was thinking after eating, we would be going home already. but to my surprise. my other brother was in his other school having his own family day as well.

we had to go there and support him. with his cheer and games. it was a total meltdown. i didn't want to commute going home because it was too hot and because i thought there would be food there as well. i was disappointed and frustrated because not only was it hot in there, there were no good food or any cold cold drinks there.

my whole saturday became a family day.

something happened it was funniest thing. a teammate of my brother talked to me. it was so funny because he came up to me all shy and said hi. haha he was kinda hitting on me... dont tell my brother...

it was so weird and i think the word to describe it pedophilia. coz he was very cute. but he's 17. oh my god! i can't believe and find that kid (KID!!!!!) attractive. he's my type of guy. athletic, bald, tan and not that tall. he was having a hard time making me laugh and he just keeps on joking a lot.

tsk tsk tsk.

if only you were older...

Friday, February 16, 2007

the color of my eyes doesn't lie

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

i dont know what to do.

i keep coming back to the very beginning. i can't seem to figure out what i want in my life. it bugs me that im envious of people around me knowing what they want and having the guts to do it. i want my life. i want progress but i can't do it. the person that i was is gone. the person that speaks up her mind and the person that gets things done has vanished.


im feeling empty. i don't want to feel like this forever. the drive that i once had isn't there when i needed it. i had a plan. it was all working out so perfectly but when people talk to me about it, i blank out. i stop. i think and i never do anything. study, put up my own business and become rich. travel and have fun. thats what's my life is all about. but now, that my life is about to start i can't seem to start the engine. i keep missing the keyhole of the ignition and drop the keys.

i have to get back on track. do i listen to what everybody says or just follow what my instincts tell me...?

calls are made and i can't even decide.
my brain is not working and can't process.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


happy valentine's day to everyone! im sorry but as always im not again in the mood for a celebration. i think valentines day is overrated and its just an excuse for the greeting cards, flower, chocolates industry to make money.

having a date wouldn't be bad and this day must be everyday. i mean you don't have to be extra sweet because its valentines. be sweet to your loved ones because you want to. not jsut because there is an occassion. its so sad that we waste so much money on material things when you can just say what you feel. they're only words. what's the worst thing that could happen? words would eat you?

its hard to express what you feel. how about a kiss? a kiss always means something. a kiss of love, care and devotion! it would make everyone feel special and loved with just one kiss...
try it. valentines would definitely be overrated.

Almost over but still have to cross the finish line

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