Sunday, February 25, 2007

party with no booze

what has been happening? i keep attending parties not serving any kind of booze...

i first i waited for my parents to sleep and i snuck out of my house to party with some friends at their place. it was cool coz they have a big pool in their backyard. and i love pools...

my friend is a aspiring chef and is very good at it. he served us with great meals and of course when i want to take some pictures, i dont have my camera with me.(my brother borrowed it to upload something and didnt return the cam to me that night. the food was great.

for appetizers: Smoked gouda and prosciutto panini

for the main course: Portabella mushroom pasta in gorgonzola artichoke sauce

on the side of: apple something salad with lots of greens

and for dessert: is the most famous "chloe's banana cream pie and baked cheesecake topped with any fruits of your choice"

all this complimented with water instead of a nice bottle of Merlot or Pinot Noir

NO BOOZE? i also miss the fondue set chloe...

an evening of nothing to do, i went over again to a friends house. the usual drunkard that he was, got me really shocked when he served tea or coffee of your choice. you can choose from donuts to cereals to anything that is edible inside the house.

freddy? is that you? what happened? NO BOOZE?

am i missing something here? have i been sleeping for a 100 years that people stopped drinking too much alcohol?

tonight i went to my family friend's birthday bash. i was shocked we got there and not a single person is holding a bottle of beer (the obligatory drink of parties). people taking lots of pictures. chatting singing, playing with the "adorable" kid, and eating lots of good food.

NO BOOZE? shouldnt be a shocker coz her parents are very strict. we chowed down the food and ate away the bowl of pistachio that is sitting infront of me. we were all wishing that the water was gin and the coke had rhum, but it wasn't. IT WASN'T!

i dont know what happened to this world. but i want the old one back!!!

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