Friday, December 30, 2005

last gig for the year

sitting, wishing, waiting...
watching, wondering, thinking...
desiring, lusting, hoping...

just waiting for the intermission. we wonder around the place with our minds set to play just the songs we already know. thinking about the next food to be eaten and the money they would be paying. hahaha
we took pictures when they are doing the program. on the small stage infront of all the people.
even while eating and not minding that we are already called. maangas ba? NOT..!
the food was great and the plan was simple. to put on the best show we could ever make without the practice we always forget.

it was all worth it. at the end of the night we were paid and we even got balloons to take home.

we headed to the nearest (?) hotshots we could find. played with balloons along the way in side the car and played with santa claus straw dispensers.
posing infront of the camera is hard. but it takes time. it only take a little helium to make it better!

i told yoU!... its gettin' there...


Wednesday, December 28, 2005

motorsports gig

Mozzie got to play again after six months but we we're not complete. usually i was the one not playing. but our bassist wasn't present. fifi was replaced by yanyan

i wasn't suppose to be there, but still i was.

we played really good.

pammy and me before playing

thanks to cha!

but yanyan thinks they played better. (hahaha) swingswing!!!

but we think we're just beautiful...

even if the maangas look doesn't work...

just a simple smile works fine. see!!

out of school

out of school is always a blast. you get to rest for hours and nobody bugs you because you are not really doing anything. just chill and do whatever.

think of whoever till you can no longer think coz you want to sleep. that's what i do. even my friends don't see me anymore because of my slacking. i've been asked out four times already by one guy and two by two other guys but i refuse to go out with any of them. i just don't like them. at all! they're cute but their cuteness is not enough for me.

one night last week, i planned a get together of my highschool friends because a very close friend of mine from STC arrived after migrating to the states. three long years has been long enough for us. i decided to call up our friends and have this dinner party at my place. but unfortunately, old habits die hard.

its hard enough that i have to contact everyone. but to stood us up when you already said you'd make it. thank god i invited some of my friends before to have a house party at my house. but i cancelled when i realized i haven't practiced for our gig the night after.

still one came. the only person i really wanted to see. he still came. he came and loved everything i have cooked. i had fun. so much fun i forgot to practice.

with one friend that never showed his face.

with the night ending so happy

talking about life, before and after tonight. serious and fun moments. regrets and fantasies. just life!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

getting sleepy

all my excite was gone when he left. i can't believe that i just saw him for an hour. he had to go. i wanted to go too.

the moment he walked out the door, i couldn't quite focus myself on the game. i was drowzzzzzy. i wanted to go home and rest.

all of my excitement for an hour of seeing him. not fair!

within that hour, kaycee with her presentation, the friend that i am helped. i was a feet away from him and i couldn't talk to him. instead he was talking to jeanette, i was reading - summarizing - typing kaycee's presentation.

it was all good... but now i'm sleepy. the house party is at 12mn. hope everybody comes.

Friday, November 18, 2005

its time for school

its time for me to go to school. i going to take a bath now and i don't know why i'm doing all of thisas fast. im kinda excited. and i don't want to be late for my first class.

and i still haven't got sleep. you just wouldn't believe that craziness... im still smiling. i can't take it off. even if my brother threw a box at me this morning, i was still smiling while i was shouting at him.

im so excited. im gonna see him again. i can't believe i'm still thinking about him.

he's right the top..

top EDGE.

no sleep just smile

right now i couldn't sleep. i have been thinking of what just happened this afternoon. its 3:50 in the morning and i still couldn't believe im hung up with it... with him. nothing special really happened.

im beginning to feel that im a very shallow person. it was just the usual thing. hanging out, chatting, eating, drinking, playing cards and the lot. but i still can't get him off of my mind.

got hit hard. somebody should bang my head with a very heavy object so i would wake up to reality. shake me. slap me. beat me up. im that hypnotized by the day.

let me sleep...

i can't take the smile off of my face. im look weird right now. imagine a dark room with me inside lying on the bed staring at the ceiling, and smiling... almost giggling. ain't it freak-o!?!

i wanna sleep but i couldn't...

i wanna stop smiling but i couldn't

i wanna get it all out off my mind, but i don't want to...

the duet of bohemian rhapsody

i really wanted to stay home and just sleep. it has been a very long time since i slept long and peaceful as i did this morning. for 11 hours, i had the most relaxing sleep ever. it all should be right? but this one is different...

this one made me go to school and be a very productive person that i really am. imagine me being productive in one class for the whole day and a regular meeting with my business partners.?

i call it productive!

today i brought my usually big bag to school. inside were my kikay kit, umbrella, jacket, wallet and cellphone. and the most important paper of all my friends' survey forms. i went to class and surprisingly i was just in time.

so class ended... i still had everything in my bag but one. a small pieace of blank paper. i didn't have my notebook that's why i fit all my notes in one small pieace of blank paper. i survived...

i was so bored to death that my face looked as usual - grumpy! all of this was erased with just one text message - from EDGE.

"pare, san kayo?"

everything changed, jeanette noticed the change of my voice tone from deep to perky. its been six days since i last saw this guy and he SMSd me.

picture me looking normal then just changing from that to starting to bite my lip then laughing as hard as i can. i looked uber stupid. but i didn't care.

the force is within me. i am falling hard... this guy makes me laugh. LAUGH!!! he's so cuddly. he's so cute and i wanna take him home with me. please?

we hanged out the whole day. he was tickling me the whole time. i can't explain it. but i think im falling harder for him.

i can't stop smiling

i can't tell the story again for the nth time but i promise you it is just a simple kiss in the cheeks and a duet in videoke with him of the bohemian rhapsody.

i'm still smiling. i can't stop my mouth to bend this way..

Monday, November 14, 2005

tambay with just cards and cigarettes

i have lived a whole week without eating much. my mum said i have lost pounds. she can see through my arms getting thnner. but i doubt it. but i still feel hungry all the time. i have the money but i keep on saving it all up for the cigarette. i am gonna die. this week i finished, 15 packs of it and i now can't even feel what i have been lighting up. as if its only a piece of paper being lit up by my lighter.

everyday of the week. i wasn't really into going to class or studying for anything in that matter. i have been hangin' out with all of my friends in this uber cheap place. santy's grill. they serve P55 worth of meals and i'm you're going to be solve.

i have been saving up but then in the end, i was left with P20 in my wallet. i didn't know where all my money went pero i know i didn't spend much. but i really didn't care.

the whole time, i was drinking, playing cards with my friends and just hanging out.

tomorrow i have class and the week starts again. but i promised myself i won't stay in school after class. im going straight home.

i promise

Monday, October 17, 2005

i woke up early in the morning for the accounting workshop of practicum. guess why? miggy wanted to borrow a lip balm. my strawberry born lippy lip balm. which is so weird in the morning. he woke me up 6:30 am that morning and i wasn't able to sleep again so i went to take a shower and get ready for school.

the workshop was the most boring part of the day. it was a 2 hour workshop about accounting stuff which i should know because i am the financial manager of our simulated company. right after the talk, we went to mcdonalds for take out then went home straight for our production.

we cooked a gazillion molocco. im beginning to hate it because i see it everywhere. but to sell it to everybody and seeing people enjoy eating our product makes me feel good and makes me want to make more.

and we had a revelation of what we should do with molocco. at pammy's party, there were taco fillings and its good with molocco. with the salsa, sour cream and beef.


mike(jeanette's boyfriend) came to rescue the boring production day with his skills in playing the guitar. we finished earlier and killed time in SM San Lazaro and to pick up kaycee. we got back and got ready for mikko's party.

exactly a year ago, i went to that same party and got there with a grand entrance - i was already drunk. and last saturday night, people recognized me from that night. even remembered the color of what i was wearing.


we got there already eaten dinner at my place. i didn't even try to dress up because i know i would have a hard time going around the garden with high heels and all those bling bling. got a rugged pants and shirt. put on my havaianas and got my topshop scarf. it was mikko and i live just maybe 10 kilometers away. and i know im gonna get drunk or a little wild.

at first we were hesitant to ask if we can drink. other people were still eating and so we waited for them so we could get a table at the garden for ourselves.

the party started.

i had my first two shots at the stairs. ordered coco lychee for myself. jeanette wanted to taste what we got so we let her and she liked it. we knew the party ahs started. she said that the drink tastes good but taste like coconut... DUH!!!!!! hahaha.

i finished my drink immediately and got drinks for everyone. until i was feeling dizzy because of going up and down the stairs. getting food, getting drinks and going to the bathroom so i wouldn't get drunk. but because the day was full of tiring activities, i was so weak that night that i given up after 8 shots of tequila and 3 glasses of coco lychees and 2 glasses of vodka sprite.


until some people started getting pissed at me coz they're scared that i might pull off the thing i did last year the second time around. and they didn't want to be embarrassed by me. but i wasn't really drunk. i was just enoying myself like what mikko wanted us to. and i wanted to because it would be rare for me to party now that we are starting practicum. and i just hate it that they were pissed because i was having a good time.

but i did. they were telling me we were going even if i didn't want to yet. but because i only have one way to go home, i don't have any choice. i had to say goodbye to mikko's party.

they were shouting at me at the car and didn't want to listen to me because they thgouth i was too drunk to give directions to go to my place. i got really pissed when kaycee was shouting at my ear. i just kept quiet when we were near my place. i was suppose to go down some corner to take a cab but they weren't taking me seriously.

but to sum it all up i got in to a fight with kaycee and im kinda holding grudge right now. i had a fun night because i was with my friends after a very long time. and people enjoyed our product and wanted to order from us.

hoping for a soon party with you guys.

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