Monday, November 14, 2005

tambay with just cards and cigarettes

i have lived a whole week without eating much. my mum said i have lost pounds. she can see through my arms getting thnner. but i doubt it. but i still feel hungry all the time. i have the money but i keep on saving it all up for the cigarette. i am gonna die. this week i finished, 15 packs of it and i now can't even feel what i have been lighting up. as if its only a piece of paper being lit up by my lighter.

everyday of the week. i wasn't really into going to class or studying for anything in that matter. i have been hangin' out with all of my friends in this uber cheap place. santy's grill. they serve P55 worth of meals and i'm you're going to be solve.

i have been saving up but then in the end, i was left with P20 in my wallet. i didn't know where all my money went pero i know i didn't spend much. but i really didn't care.

the whole time, i was drinking, playing cards with my friends and just hanging out.

tomorrow i have class and the week starts again. but i promised myself i won't stay in school after class. im going straight home.

i promise

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