Wednesday, January 11, 2006

think about this

i've been thinking how you can look for the strange when you only know the familiar. of even find the truth when you only know lies...

Thursday, January 05, 2006

back to school is cool

im serious when i say that.

im so excited that i couldn't even help myself prepare hours before my class.

a fully designed notebook

a starbucks planner

my new fave bag

i was up by 7 am for a 1030 class. if that isn't enough to prove im really excited to go to school. i attended my first class of the term for the first time in three years i have stayed in lasalle.

i was ready to hit the books and burn my butt sitting on the chairs from 1030-440 and lucky me, it was a wednesday. so i had an hour and a half break with my friends. but because i was broke, i couldn't really enjoy the break because i couldn't eat.

i got to class and almost paid attention to the professor. especially when they're talking about the room policies. so i'll know which class i can cut and which classes i shouldn't.

i didn't know anyone in some of my classes, so i should start being friendly to my seatmates. FRIENDS NA NAMAN!

the day went as expected. boring but worth it. i got to forget problems and things i can't get out of my mind. and i get to see my friends again.

goign back to school is cool.

celebrating what they call the new year

it started early because as yearly, fifi celebrates her birthday. but something was different this year.

ah yeah... the birthday girl was miles, lands, seas and continents away from here. but because she is special to us, we still were obliged to celebrate. (haha joke)

we had the usual pasta, salad, chips but not her you-just-want-to-drool-tacos. and to hide from the loud firecrackers everyone kept themselves busy.

we called fifi and actually woke her up. i didn't mean to. i was just hoping you guys were awake already. i apologize! to you and wency...

so for a very long time pam hasn't been to my room and this was her first time to see it has change since then. when i showed them a gift of my mum's friend - a corset. a funny conversation has just occurred. it goes something like this

me:look at this. gift ng friend ni mama. (showed them the gift)
pam: bat ka may ganito?
me:binigay sa kin eh.
ate(talking to fifi over the phone): ano nga bang tawag diyan? meron si katkat ng corsage.
pam and me: hahwhahahah. corset!
ate: kaya nga nagtanong muna ako eh. hindi ko alam yung name niyan eh.

so we were playing around with the "corsage" and taking pictures of everyone wearing them. and we had a little story telling...

chrissie capicoy has a big problem. she wants to change something. as a geeky person, she wanted to be like everyone else. so she called her fairy godmother and asked for help. she wanted to make her boobs bigger and the fairy godmother granted her wish. but because of the loud bangs outside the house of chrissie, fairy godmother heard her wrong and this is what happened....

we went outside and tried to watch the fireworks and took some pictures of it. it is really hard to take pictures of fireworks.

there were three cowards trying to avoid the loud bangs but still had time to smile to the camera when it flashes us.
but there are four kids that were brave enough and picked up the pieces of fireworks left-over and made a 'happy new year' out of it.
after all the paputok in the neighborhood, we went to eat at lola charit's house. and tito villy popped one of the Asti.

we all raised our glasses and shouted happy new year and smiled for the camera. we got to talk about a lot of stuff and didn't realize it was 3 in the morning.
the next day, mama moke me up to go to mass. and after mass we went to montalban to celebrate the new year with her side. miguel, mama and i headed after lunch and that was around 2:30.

we got there and wasn't really expecting anything until after dinner. and i was right. the party started after dinner. we got to play the usual games like charades, just ask! and family history game.

everyone got prizes and really had fun. when we were playing the family history game, each family was grouped. and miguel and i were a team. and basically we almost lost if mama didn't whisper three of the answers. so we cheated. WHAT?! we really don't know the history of our family. its very hard to remember the names and dates. and besides miggy and i are not that good in history.

we got 60 bucks each for playing a good game. and we had our family portrait. had our exchange gifts and went home. it was fun even if i only agreed to go there because they said they rented a videoke! waaahh!


2006 here i come!


new year has come and i haven't really thought about what my new year resolutions would be. is it really necessary. i have been a god girl as far as i know. and it would be a waste to even change something that no one has a problem with.

this was the year mozzie played at the Alternative stage of Fete dela Musique.

2005 was a year of break ups(shhh!).

it was a year of getting together for some. i wish i was one of them. when will that happen? i guess if i make a move now...?

the sweetest couple ever!

so not the sweetest couple ever!

2005 was a year of unraveling secrets. some people liked some people and some just can't keep their emotions to themselves(SECRET PA RIN).

it was a year a happy memories. graduation of fifi and she left after our gig on july.

the rivermaya and kitchie nadal concert at araneta

my lasalle retreat with good friends. boring but okay.

2005 is when i wasn't really planning on celebrating my birthday but ended up spending it with my guy friends.

BEST PICTURE EVER! look at it closely.

When some got pregnant and is beginning to gain weight.

Vacation together with the whole family in Japan. went apple picking, all the roadtrips we could have done..

ate all the japanese food we could

nov 10, 2005 when i got to meet someone special!

the year we passed with flying colors with the thesis proposal and started to actually sell the product, Molocco, to the market.

had our first bazaar for practicum
i got my new laptop

party till i can no longer party.

drank till my hair was cut

discovered a new drinks.

the year when hanging out was the only thing i do. and studying is just second or even the last.

with all my friends and family by my side, i dont think i could gone through that year. it has been heaven and hell at the same time. and i thanks everyone for being there. you all know who you guys are. THANKS A LOT!

Almost over but still have to cross the finish line

a few days and term is finally over... but it is still a few days. 3 months ago, my brother made sure i will be enrolled this term. he mad...