Thursday, January 05, 2006

back to school is cool

im serious when i say that.

im so excited that i couldn't even help myself prepare hours before my class.

a fully designed notebook

a starbucks planner

my new fave bag

i was up by 7 am for a 1030 class. if that isn't enough to prove im really excited to go to school. i attended my first class of the term for the first time in three years i have stayed in lasalle.

i was ready to hit the books and burn my butt sitting on the chairs from 1030-440 and lucky me, it was a wednesday. so i had an hour and a half break with my friends. but because i was broke, i couldn't really enjoy the break because i couldn't eat.

i got to class and almost paid attention to the professor. especially when they're talking about the room policies. so i'll know which class i can cut and which classes i shouldn't.

i didn't know anyone in some of my classes, so i should start being friendly to my seatmates. FRIENDS NA NAMAN!

the day went as expected. boring but worth it. i got to forget problems and things i can't get out of my mind. and i get to see my friends again.

goign back to school is cool.

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