Friday, June 16, 2006

4 down 10 to go!

it has been one month of attending class. i've been feeling the pressure in me. i can't help but feel that i'm missing the nicotine that i've left five months marked today. i can't believe that i have survived five months without it. it has been my friend for the long time. the friend i could rely when i don't have someone. the friend i have been with along the ups and downs of my life.

i'll give myself the benefit of the doubt, butim guessing that one of these days, i would go back to my old habits. it is true they say that old habit die young and i believe those people when they say this. and now that i have proven i have control over myself, i wouldn't have the problem if i start to smoke again.

i have control. i think!

for the past four months in school, i have learned how to eat to people i don't know that much. and to approach a lot of people. i know its going to be the term i would always get exhausted buti would learn alot duringmy last year here.

i am starting to learn how to balance my time and mingle more with people. iknow that im creating more friends because the contacts in my phone are still increasing and 250 slots in my SIM card is not enough.

i just want to add that i have a new phone. my dad gave it to me last night. as usual, because we had an argument, he iskinda bribing me not to get angry. to let me feel that he is just doing those things formy own hard feelings.

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