Tuesday, June 13, 2006

the long weekend

last friday, i almost got robbed when i was on my way home. i was wondering if i decided to stay or do something different, would someone else take the place i had and would exactly have the exact experience that i had.

i was a blogk away from our house. i was sitting at the end of the jeepney when two guys jumped up the jeep and one guy was smiling at me. i got kinda scared so i hugged my bag so tight and removed it away from him. this guy started saying something and laughing and was about to reach for the necklace that i was wearing. i didn't know if its the driver to thank that he saw the guys and stepped on gas or to thank god because the guy had short hair. he wasn;t able to reach for it and thank god he didn't.

i was thinking about how lucky i was. i was so shocked that i said "para po. sa kanto na lang." there was traffic and i had the time not to run going down the jeep. i didn't. i was almost running because i didn't want those guys to see me go down and follow me to my place. i was so shocked still and my heart was beating fast that i was so stiff clutching my bag around me and was just looking back the whole time.

it was horrifying. as i got home, i started getting back to my senses that i got to think how it was good that he hadn't targeterd my bag. it would suck if he had gotten it. it had my ipod, wallet with P2500 and id and other credit cards in it, and the notebook i have.


the only thing i did was go to the house of my cousin and tried to finish the arrangement of our songs and started making new ones. the whole day until fifi needed to go the dentist that afternoon.

i borrowed this DVD that they told me was interesting. i got curious that i started watching it when she left. i was at first shocked by the scenes i saw. but after a while tolerance got higher and everything was okay.


its all about lesbians, love, lust and all L words that can be formed. it was interesting that that night i finished one whole season without even sleeping. i was funny coz i didn't realize i finished it when there were no more cds to pop in the player.

i got so into it that the next day, i borrowed the next season and finished it the morning before i went to school.i can't really remember the days coz im really getting confused of the events and i almost did the same things.

and now i hadn't slept for two days because i got so addicted to the program. i can't wait to see the nextg thing. funny coz im really attracted to shane. she is so cute. she is super kind and uber good friend. i want someone like that. its very hard to find someone like that. but she's a girl. am i a lesbian? NOT!

so i got my dentist appointment yesterday and the funny thing. i was asked when was the last time i went to the dentist. so i was estimating it to 2 years. and it i thought she was gonna get mad but she was really impressed. i didn't have any cavities in my teeth and i only needed cleaning which is normal. but she was saying that with the time i didn't go the dentist, that i should have had more dirt in my teeth.

two thumbs up for me!

independence day came. i didn't really feel anything independent. of course my situation wouldn't let me. i am bound to follow whatever my parents tell me and is prohibited to do whatever i want to.

the long weekend wasnt that long. it was normal. i didn't get much sleep and i didn't really do anything productive except record some song and finished two whole season of the L word.

its the bomb!

i root for shane.


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