Saturday, December 09, 2006

making it work

everything has been quite expensive these days. felice, zaza and i are trying to make some money out of baking and selling some cookies and oatmeal bars. we've been putting a lot of money and effort and a whole lot of time trying to make this work so we could have money enough for some shopping or just dream of going somewhere. (its only a dream...)

looking for materials that are cheaper and it took us places where we really have to feel the heat of the sun. it wasn't pleasant. if only you would to go out of the house and find sand and a beach to go to. or just a small swimming pool to dip in in the afternoon.

we are not rich, we have to work. i just hope it wouldn't take to much of my energy and it would mean less time and more fun. of course those jobs or career paths are taken only by the richer ones and as everyone knows i'm not one of them. (don't counter)

i have dreams, i have problems, i have so many things in my head, i want to stop thinking and just do things i want. if only i have the money. i hope my plan works. it doesn't have to perfect but atleast successful enough to make me go through life healthy and independent.

i really want to study more. to make me more knowledgeable of things i should do in order to run my company well. the problem is i have to have experience. i specialize in Entrepreneurship. i dont know how to work for a company. at first i was trying to apply for companies but in the end, i told myself that working in the corporate world is not for me. i have turned down a lot of companies and i can't even count them with my fingers. i have chosen a path i think is the wrong turn to "my success".

i've been thinking about the future a lot lately. i feel now that i'm getting older and older. i don't need the number in my age to tell me this but the responsibilities that keep coming and they keep piling up in all those stacks. i can't stop them and if i don't answer to them now, when will i ever will. i think this is the time. i have to decide. i know there is more time in my life but the list jsut keeps on getting longer and longer and my time shorter and shorter for all those things to happen.

work / career / future

love / life / family / friends

how can you balance all these things when you only have two hands, two feet, one mind, one heart?

Sunday, December 03, 2006

dressed up for the mall

the whole day today is like any other day for me. i woke up late and took a bath, fixed my bed, surf the net and went to fifi's to talk. just the usual stuff. and of course we end up talking about anything that came to mind and just got bored until we had to meet up with pam, arvin, ate, j and giles.

it was the night of picking our babies for the chrissie kringle. of course this kris kringle is very popular these days as its very expensive to give gifts to your loved ones.

pam emailed us a week ago asking if we want to have the chrissie kringle and we agreed to the rules laid out. we had to pick our babies and each baby has written down 10 things that is at most p1000 worth and you would just pick from the list so that you won't have a hard time looking for a gift for everyone and making the person like the gift you give. also its a very good way to save some money. (as if i have money to save?)

a trip to mall is like a trip to the other room of house for me. i usually don't need to dress up and obviously i couldn't really care less. now i like dressing up. i dont get to wear all my clothes so this is the perfect time to wear them. i dont even care what other people say about what i wear and how i look like i just wear what is comfy and what i feel.

i looked like this

fifi and i got to talk about how it is weird to be dress up real nice and ride the LRT and MRT to go somewhere. people would be looking at you and stare and laugh. that's what i would do if i see someone like that.

we got there and i finally bought myself my own badger sleep enhancer.

we ate dessert at Dairy queen. the most bloggable thing happened. felice noticed the name written in the receipt was "PELISH". just when you thought that Venice is funny. this comes up. i laughed so hard the girl asked me if she got it wrong. she just apologized because she didn't hear the name that well. but of course there is a much worse story. some store and i think it was starbucks, where the barista wrote the word "PENIS" down the cup. or the time the maid SMSed felice and spelled her name as "PILES". understandable for them because they are Bisaya. but the Barista from Starbucks and the employee from DQ. Shame on you! hahaand played a little in timezone. we had our picture taken at the adlib of wind. it was so much fun. at first we thought we complete and figured out in the end of the first shots that giles wasn't in any of the pictures. we repeated the shots again and the vanity in all of us got out and gone wild.

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