Friday, July 25, 2008

how am i suppose to breathe with no air?

i just cant believe 4hours ago i was sitting in araneta coliseum watching hot nekkid guys strut their stuff. and they got some stuff to strut.

Bench had their very famous denim/underwear fashion show in Araneta Coliseum. Blackout.

with the right connections, you can get invites to the hottest fashion show ever. hot meaning steamy.. i feel like a celebrity or something. last minute i asked my dad to get us tickets to the fashion show from tito ben. my dad being away, i double-checked if he got us tickets. and he gave 2 VIP tickets for the show. i love it. VIP. so i am important i guess.

got there earlier coz i thought my friend would be early as she always is. to my surprise i guess she wanted to get me for all the times i made her wait or something, she kept me waiting for almost 2 hours. when she arrived i kinda forgave her. she looked like she came from an earthquake or something. she actually just rode the MRT. amazing how riding the train would do that to you.

i was uber-excited that i wasnt able to really sleep last night. thinking of all the nekkid guys i would be seeing. just thinking about it makes my beat skip a beat and my lungs stop breathing for a second. we were both a little tired so we decided to go inside the coliseum earlier so that we can relax more. guess what? i wasn't able to relax. being on the 8th row just around 5meters away from the stage, air air air!?!?!?!

people are piling up inside. famous people are just around the corner. i can't believe im seated with them. i may not be famous but im somewhere. haha feeling!!! well i saw that i wouldnt be able to scream and go wild when the show starts. everyone around looked so demure and sophisticated. i had to learn how to contain myself in 30 minutes. that was hard. i had to be like everybody else. hay!

as the show is starting, i just held my breath, men!! men!! men!!! now i know im older. i think about them all the time. and now they're right infront of me. nekkid! with all their beauty! i love it. i was thinking of taking a picture of everything. but because the models were moving too fast, my digital camera couldn't capture them. i had to use the flash. i wanted take everything. i wanted to have a memory saved in my harddrive. i want them. i need them. oh baby! oh baby! haha am i horny or what? haha

well i wanted to take pictures of butts, everything i saw. but i was just too embarrassed. the only flash was coming from me. i had to change my tactics. go for the cameo.

it doesnt have the best results but im fine with it. keeping it forever in my private files. i wanted to be there infront taking pictures of the models. like the photographers were there shooting away. it would have been good lomo pictures for me.

so maybe you're thinking the show was full of men. well they're the once i want to remember. but there are hot chicks in the center stage. Ehra Madrigal, Francine Prieto, Ruffa Mae QUinto, Priscilla Meirrelles and many more female models. some of these models came out with only body paint on them. and some wearing almost nothing except a net-like jumpsuit. woah! something for the men to dream about. wahaha

seeing them in the ramp. i wanted to get my hands on the underwear they were wearing. i was wearing a bench underwear and i love it. its very comfortable. i want to say im the biggest endorser of bench. i buy almost everything from their store. i even get my hair fix'd. i want to go shopping again for undies. bench is the best.

i say this with all my heart. i love bench. they are the best really. i would say it again. bench is the best. they get the hottest guys in town and they are just to die for. watching them i feel my undies falling off while i was sitting down. hahaha thats how hot and steamy they are. mcsteamies and mcdreamies of manila.

i told my tito it is the best gift i have received this year for my birthday. i've been wanting to get a box with a hot nekkid guy inside. and i got a stage full of them. *sigh* thinking can i ask my tito when can i party with the boys? *sigh* was there an after party? i would die right then and there. i couldnt even get to speak if i was infront of them.

a little preview....

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

bring home the hickey

so my brother is really getting old. he got his first hickey. no sorry make that two. one on his neck and the other on his ear. i really dont know how his girlfriend did it. but there is one on the outer lobe. it was so funny coz he was trying to hide it from everyone. but my other brother and i immediately spotted it and laughed real hard.

my mum was scolding him for some other reason and he doesnt want my mum to find it. him having a girlfriend made my mum go wild already. what would have happened if she saw the hickey. haha i couldnt stop laughing. thinking about it now, i still can't stop laughing. i wanted to stop laughing so i just sang a song. but the words that came out of my mouth sa still "chikinini" song (tagalog for hickey). then i start laughing again. he was trying to conceal it. good thing he had these acne overnight patches. it wasn't as big as the hickey but it will do. he asked me to put concealer on it but it didnt work.

he just has to live with it. haha. he has to be careful. these things are just a recipe for disaster inside the house. my mum would go ballistic and the house would never see the end of noise ever again.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

i got spanked

yes. my mum spanked me. the first in my room she got hold of is a hanger and she whipped me real hard twice and threw the thing at me. i was so drunk to even feel it that i just dozed back to sleep.

friday night, i went out with my friend, Nuel. we were suppose to watch a movie but instead he went home and i went to my cousin's house, Don. I told my mum i was with my other cousin and we are going to watch a movie and eat and gonna drop off the organ i borrowed from a friend but i just lied about everything. We played Texas Holdem and drank and just had fun. they're area is so far that there are no cabs around when i wanted to go. so i just stayed and drank my ass off.

Got to watch a chick punch an irritating guy in the face three times. it was so funny but time was so fast. i had to go home. the sun is rising already and my mum cant know that i wasnt home yet. so i asked them to drop me off somewhere theres a cab. but because its so early in the morning, the LRT is already open. i rode the train and got home around 6:45am and my mum knows i came around 2:30am. what a liar i am!?!?!?! i might be so good at lying that they would never catch me ever.

I was just quiet in my room the whole day till i got dressed up that saturday night ready to hit the birthday bash of my good friend, San. So i go out and mommy thinks i would obey her and the curfew she gave me. NO WAY! in the five years i have been friends with San, this is the first i wasn't sick on her birthday. so i had to be there at all times till the thing is done. if i did tell my mum that im gonna be late, she wouldnt let me out of the house. im not that stupid. i had to lie.

i was there and it was so noisy. the music was so loud i know i wouldnt hear her calling or texting me. so i didnt have it on silent mode. so i just drank and drank till the birthday girl got drunk. and we had to go home. i tipsy already but i was fine. San on the other hand cant walk straight. i ahd to almost carry her to her car. when she was sitting inside already. i got into a cab and went straight home.

after just an hour of sleep, my mum opens my room and shouts at me what time i came home. so i said that i arrived before 3am. as i did. but she doesn't believe me. she reaches to the floor as the hanger was there. and came to me, hitting me with the hanger three times in the legs. she was about to leave and was saying something about what an asshole i am but i couldnt understand that much. she threw the hanger at me. everything was such a blur. the alcohol is settling down inside my body. i couldn't feel a thing. i just dozed back to sleep until i felt like puking. it was already 8 in the morning but i just stood up gently and went down to fill up a bottle of water. my mum saw me and asked if i was drunk and i just denied it.

drank water and felt better. dozed back to sleep again and woke up just in time for lunch.

feel like a kid again. getting scolded coz i came home late. i think thats how it is. get spanked with a hanger or the belt. the inanimate object nearest to you. of course convenience is important. my mum was telling the story to my dad. papa just came home from boracay. and because my mum was so PO'd he just told me that i was wrong and not really that mad about it. so that my mum would see that i get punished or soemthing. my dad called up san and asked about the party. of course i was hoping she would remember. but she didn't.

as san was talking to my dad, i was just beside him. she was saying that she went home around 1:30 and i stayed with her officemates. well i just laughed at it all. this event will be remembered for the rest of my life. of course if look at my leg right now, i have this thin bruise from the hanger, then i start laughing. well thats what i get from lying and from disobeying your parents. bwahahaha

i might be grounded too, by the way. but then im still gonna do what i want. just lie about stuff and i can go. just go home early this time. haha

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