Wednesday, July 16, 2008

bring home the hickey

so my brother is really getting old. he got his first hickey. no sorry make that two. one on his neck and the other on his ear. i really dont know how his girlfriend did it. but there is one on the outer lobe. it was so funny coz he was trying to hide it from everyone. but my other brother and i immediately spotted it and laughed real hard.

my mum was scolding him for some other reason and he doesnt want my mum to find it. him having a girlfriend made my mum go wild already. what would have happened if she saw the hickey. haha i couldnt stop laughing. thinking about it now, i still can't stop laughing. i wanted to stop laughing so i just sang a song. but the words that came out of my mouth sa still "chikinini" song (tagalog for hickey). then i start laughing again. he was trying to conceal it. good thing he had these acne overnight patches. it wasn't as big as the hickey but it will do. he asked me to put concealer on it but it didnt work.

he just has to live with it. haha. he has to be careful. these things are just a recipe for disaster inside the house. my mum would go ballistic and the house would never see the end of noise ever again.

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