Thursday, November 30, 2006

salamin album launch

what a night. for the first time, i went to an album launch of an upcoming band - SALAMIN. eo, the friend of zaza is the drummer and the whole band rocks. suprisingly the event was flowing with familiar faces and celebrities. the band's vocalist is the son of gary v. and he sings well. i remember him when he played in the broadway show the lion, the witch and the wardrobe. not that long ago i might add.

oh the night went good. at first we had a hard time locating the street where the bar is located but sometime during our nth cruise around the same streets we got to where we needed to be without zaza crying her eyes out(let's not talk about it here).

i didn't bring money to buy the cd so i will just wait till i get a hold of them another time and get them to sign my cd. the band was good. something i would be fond of listening. didn't sound like bamboo or hale. unique! and i love it.

i wanna see them play again. or maybe we could play together. i hope. unless they're too popular to play at small-time bars.

at the end of the event. all the singing and the dancing(which i still waiting for) and the press conference, we had the chance to meet and greet the band members.

paolo - vocals
justin - lead
miks - bass
bogs - rhythm
eo - drums (i hope i got them right!)

took pictures of them,

with them

and us of course.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

a lot of things on my mind

there has been a lot of things happening since my boracay trip last september.

1. i graduated last october 14, 2006 at PICC with all the other lasallians

2. mozzie is back in business

3. i've been looking for a job and been too lazy to go to my interviews

4. hitting the gym every once in a while to get into shape so the time i go back to boracay i would be deserving to wear my swimsuits.

5. shopping for a lot of DVDs, watching a lot of TV shows from my mini DVD player and staying up til everybody would be awake the next day

6. trying to sell goods that i've made

all this and you can call me the unemployed or in short - the BUM!

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