Sunday, January 04, 2009

is santa on vacation already?

i have a list of wishes now. is santa on vacation already.? will i have to wait another 361days before i get these gifts...?

they're very simple. not material things.

  • i wish for my cousin to have a safe trip coming home tomorrow
  • i wish for my officemate who has asthma to get well soon
  • i wish for my grandma to stop gossiping
  • i wish for my other cousin to come home
  • i wish all the best in the world for my other cousin who just got engaged
  • i wish for the rest of the family to have peace, love and respect in their hearts
  • i wish for a companion ( can also be a boyfriend)
  • i wish for a good year
  • i wish for a good health
  • i wish to be surrounded by happy people and happy people only
  • i wish to give happiness to others as well

i have been praying for all of this. of course i wanna make sure i get them sooner rather than later. so i wanna make sure i have covered everything. pray to god and wish for santa to grant me these things. coz all i want for christmas is you.. hahaha

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