Sunday, May 03, 2009

We love you Lola Rosie!

its the 40th day from the death of my lola rosie (my dad's mum). i still cant help but shed tears everytime i think that i would never be able to see her. i know that its been a while since we have talked because of my busy schedule but i regret not spending time with her when i can.

the 40th day? im not sure why we celebrate or get together on the 40th day? why not 100th? or 50th? nevertheless, im glad she's in a better place now. i weep outisde but inside i am happy she lived and i have spent time with her.

she always tells us that coz shes old time comes and she will be gone. i never thought it would be sooner. i never saw myself crying on her coffin. i didnt wanna see her in there. and i dont regret not looking. i never even thought i would be there helping out on the funeral preparations. i ever thought i would be staying all night inside the funeral home, entertaining guests who came and finally i never thought that i would be inside a car following all the other cars bringing her to her final resting place.

we were suppose to go to another coutry this holy week. we were already making plans, booking a flight and the next day. *poof* no more plans.

i remember her alive and happy. i remember her eating and shopping, travelling together to different countries.

we will miss you!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

new number. save it

Hi all! I have changed my number. pls save it so you can still contact me if you want to. lol 09174693085. send urs so i can keep in touch. or if you have sun save this as well 09233825356. See you when i see you!

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