Tuesday, September 27, 2005

registered or not... here we come!

this is time for our implementation. we have been busting our ass off to be able to sell Molocco in the market. the business plan, sleepless nights and the gory defense last term.

and we passed... with flying colors i might add.

yesterday. we registered our company to the Business Management Society for about an hour. and i brought home the manual for the accounting kit we have bought... and it is quite expensive for pad papers you can buy in national bookstore. P1000 for the whole kit and an additional P100 for something i really dont know.

i asked papa for our initial contribution for the company and P9400 is the amount. an amount that can let me buy ots of food and lots of clothes.

we are going to start selling the product on October. and starting that month, all my life wold be devoted to making the business grow. so everyone.

for your
1. snacks
2. party treats (pica-pica)

contact me. its tasty and and its cheap. it will cost U less.

here we are.. the incorporators of TUMMY FILLERS INC. bringing you Molocco.

buy it... to believe it...

my new priced possession

my very own laptop

not only does it save space. i have my own. no more sharing. bwahaha.

things are going as according to plan.
i have money. im happy and very contented with everything.

thanks papa.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

this is so funny

for the nth time now. i've been receiving messages from random people asking me out. wowkie! is this for real? hehe its really funny. at first i didn't mind those people. but for the past month, i've been receiving these messages. like for example. a message from johnson. bwahaha. i was hoping he is cute... haha but then. 31 is not a very nice age.

not to be mean. you don't have a chance boy! but if it would be a shopping spree in bangkok? why not? i can sacrifice. in your dreams.

Friday, September 23, 2005

sex pictures are out

do you know how people get when they receive sex videos of very famous people?

thats what happened...

i was really shocked. a friend of mine sent a message in our clss e-groups to tell us to stop forwarding the message out. she posted the pictures and i was stunned when i saw my friend naked. this is an old friend of mine from grade school. joanne. we were like bestfriends before and i can't believe my eyes.

after seeing the pictures. i had to close my eyes and pray. who can guess how many people have seen her pictures. it was embarrassing and she acts like as if nothing has happened. i talked to a friend of mine and hers and she said that joanne denied. she wasnt not he person in the pictures.

we can't really blame her. its her reputation here. she is now known as the slut who has naked photos of herself and her boyfriend. the guy won't have any problem. he's the guy. but how will joanne ever go out and not think that the person he bumped into has seen her pictures in the internet. there is a site that has posted her pictures and i dont know what site it is.

she is over.

im sorry

quizilla time

i dont have class but i have a meeting with my thesis group and our adviser. im bored right now. and when i'm bored i always visit "the site" and my first quiz was

Guy magnet!
Your dress is a guy magnet!
wow how many boyfriends do u have ? maybe like
100000000000000000. great job!

What will your prom dress look like?
brought to you by Quizilla

am i not hot or what? if only we had our prom in high school. but our very conservative school only gave us the chance to have this graduation night where boys are not allowed. (bummer!)


?? Which Alcoholic Drink Are You ??
brought to you by Quizilla

coincidence?! my favorite drink is vodka... it just goes to show that i am what i drink!

Pentagram tattoo
(Note: this symbol is NOT satanic... It is the sign
of Venus. It means beauty SO BE HAPPY!)

What tattoo would you have?
brought to you by Quizilla

i really want to have a tattoo. but to those people who knows my dad, you would think this is really a bad idea.


What Will Your Wedding Dress Look Like (Now With Pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

here will be the wedding dress. if i get married which i dont think i will.

haha.. this is so much fun...

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

getting scholarly

first day of school and it just hit me... (AHHHHH! I'm gonna be late) i got there 10 minutes after the bell has rung and as always. i didnt attend my first class of the second term of my third year life. i have to admit. i've been doing it for the past three years and i've always gotten away with it getting perfect attendance in those classes.

It was so boring. i know. i waited for my next class for a whole hour and just keep telling myself i should go to class coz it would be a waste of money and energy to wake up 630am if i wasn't going to any class. my friends were not really reacting to it coz they were used to my laziness. but to there surprise. i was in time in the other classes and even my only class today.

unbelievable?! but true...

today i went straight home right after my class and started doing researching on the online activities for this elective class. FABUMAN not really fabulous management anymore. but only a really boring familu business management. but i' not really sure what's driving me to do advance readings for this class when im not really interested in the class.

just for a head start and to be familiar with the lesson so i wont have to cram myself when i really have to read many articles. i finished all my assignments undil friday and just feel good i'm doing quite good.

i just hope this is not the first week syndrome of the term where i have this energy to be very active and then i get lazy as time goes by..

at the back of my head i really want to be a Dean's Lister. Last term i was having this goal already and then i met all my professors and got discouraged. and i'm going to really do everything that this wont happen this term. i just want to achieve something different. something honorable from school. something that never happened to me before.

Friday, September 09, 2005


Your Homicidal Rampage! by crash_and_burn
Your name:
Weapon of Choice:Agent Orange
Your Favorite Target:Tourists
Your Kill Count:1,914,091,734
Your Battle Cry:"Who let the dogs out?"
Years You Spend in Jail:47
How Much Money In Damages You Cause:$82,578,587,089,615
Your Homocidal Insanity Level:: 97%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

i can believe it. it's just really inside of me. so beware!!!

objectives for this term break

1. to relax and get as much sleep...

2. to party and enjoy myself before the suffering begins.

2. to clean up my room and start decorating.

as far as i know. i have reached nirvana. i have been partying every night since i had the chance.

if i have the chance, i sleep 20 hours a day and sleep again. read books and sleep. exercise for the food i eat and just have fun while im at it.

i am starting to clean up my room so the third and last goal is quite hard for me. and everybody can back me up. all the papers i have photocopied and printed out, are now scratch papers. all the money i have spents is going to waste if threw them away.

i have lots of stuff and i dont know where to start.

but all-in-all im doing pretty well. i have been having quality time with myself.

this term break has been the best so far.

Almost over but still have to cross the finish line

a few days and term is finally over... but it is still a few days. 3 months ago, my brother made sure i will be enrolled this term. he mad...