Tuesday, September 27, 2005

registered or not... here we come!

this is time for our implementation. we have been busting our ass off to be able to sell Molocco in the market. the business plan, sleepless nights and the gory defense last term.

and we passed... with flying colors i might add.

yesterday. we registered our company to the Business Management Society for about an hour. and i brought home the manual for the accounting kit we have bought... and it is quite expensive for pad papers you can buy in national bookstore. P1000 for the whole kit and an additional P100 for something i really dont know.

i asked papa for our initial contribution for the company and P9400 is the amount. an amount that can let me buy ots of food and lots of clothes.

we are going to start selling the product on October. and starting that month, all my life wold be devoted to making the business grow. so everyone.

for your
1. snacks
2. party treats (pica-pica)

contact me. its tasty and and its cheap. it will cost U less.

here we are.. the incorporators of TUMMY FILLERS INC. bringing you Molocco.

buy it... to believe it...

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