Friday, September 09, 2005

objectives for this term break

1. to relax and get as much sleep...

2. to party and enjoy myself before the suffering begins.

2. to clean up my room and start decorating.

as far as i know. i have reached nirvana. i have been partying every night since i had the chance.

if i have the chance, i sleep 20 hours a day and sleep again. read books and sleep. exercise for the food i eat and just have fun while im at it.

i am starting to clean up my room so the third and last goal is quite hard for me. and everybody can back me up. all the papers i have photocopied and printed out, are now scratch papers. all the money i have spents is going to waste if threw them away.

i have lots of stuff and i dont know where to start.

but all-in-all im doing pretty well. i have been having quality time with myself.

this term break has been the best so far.

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