Tuesday, September 13, 2005

getting scholarly

first day of school and it just hit me... (AHHHHH! I'm gonna be late) i got there 10 minutes after the bell has rung and as always. i didnt attend my first class of the second term of my third year life. i have to admit. i've been doing it for the past three years and i've always gotten away with it getting perfect attendance in those classes.

It was so boring. i know. i waited for my next class for a whole hour and just keep telling myself i should go to class coz it would be a waste of money and energy to wake up 630am if i wasn't going to any class. my friends were not really reacting to it coz they were used to my laziness. but to there surprise. i was in time in the other classes and even my only class today.

unbelievable?! but true...

today i went straight home right after my class and started doing researching on the online activities for this elective class. FABUMAN not really fabulous management anymore. but only a really boring familu business management. but i' not really sure what's driving me to do advance readings for this class when im not really interested in the class.

just for a head start and to be familiar with the lesson so i wont have to cram myself when i really have to read many articles. i finished all my assignments undil friday and just feel good i'm doing quite good.

i just hope this is not the first week syndrome of the term where i have this energy to be very active and then i get lazy as time goes by..

at the back of my head i really want to be a Dean's Lister. Last term i was having this goal already and then i met all my professors and got discouraged. and i'm going to really do everything that this wont happen this term. i just want to achieve something different. something honorable from school. something that never happened to me before.

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