Friday, September 23, 2005

sex pictures are out

do you know how people get when they receive sex videos of very famous people?

thats what happened...

i was really shocked. a friend of mine sent a message in our clss e-groups to tell us to stop forwarding the message out. she posted the pictures and i was stunned when i saw my friend naked. this is an old friend of mine from grade school. joanne. we were like bestfriends before and i can't believe my eyes.

after seeing the pictures. i had to close my eyes and pray. who can guess how many people have seen her pictures. it was embarrassing and she acts like as if nothing has happened. i talked to a friend of mine and hers and she said that joanne denied. she wasnt not he person in the pictures.

we can't really blame her. its her reputation here. she is now known as the slut who has naked photos of herself and her boyfriend. the guy won't have any problem. he's the guy. but how will joanne ever go out and not think that the person he bumped into has seen her pictures in the internet. there is a site that has posted her pictures and i dont know what site it is.

she is over.

im sorry

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