Saturday, June 24, 2017


the service learning proposal we have sent is very dear to me. i love dogs. and animals are god's creation to make our world be as lively and beautiful. making a proposal to make a campaign assistance for the organization is i think one of the best ideas we had come up with. aside from just cleaning, feeding and taking care of these animals, we get to spend time with the man's bestfriend. I get to do that at home. And for some work on something like this, something i would enjoy, its not work. This activity we thought of is one of the activities we thought of. In the first meeting we asked each and everyone to get a CSR porposal on the table so we could choose from it. It should be something we are all willing to do and something that is sustainable and among the proposals this is what we thought of. We all like animals. We even joked that some of the members are animals. But who isnt right? It is just so important to give time to the community. Not just to the people but to the other creatures of this world that God has created to make it more beautiful.

Friday, June 23, 2017

What is ethical?

According to study, 48% of employees indicated that they had done something unethical or illegal in the past year. who is ever innocent of this? the littlest things you do but not consider unethical can be unethical. stop and think. - did i ever print a copy of my resume that i will submit to apply to another company? - have you photocopied a valid ID as a requirement for a personal loan? - have you checked your FB page using the company WI-FI? these little things. the smallest of things yet we never really think it is "robbing" the company or using the company resources for your own benefit. it is all subjective. it would even depend on the perspective of the person. but seriously can you really say that you have never done this?

Thursday, June 22, 2017

doing the life plan

i am lost. im thinking so hard of what i plan my life to be and i'm blank. 25 years from now i will be 55. in the years of golden age, i haven't really thought about it. I'm not sure if i will be alive as well. i'm living and thinking of the now. doing the life plan in advance is even harder because im the type to be thinking of "the now" rather than later. you tend to overthink once you plan. of course you plan yet it doesnt go the way it goes. i attempted but in my whole honesty, i really think that i could achieve my plans earlier that expected because some of these plans i am halfway there already.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Group 1 Reporting

Let's talk vices... Marijuana. it is organic, herbal, it is illegal and legal. while making the report, we researched so many things about marijuana. from the things you here and see around, there are still facts that are not talked about. the history is full of information that you can use and would make it more difficult now to decide if it should be legal.q why do people smoke it? eat it? put it in there drinks? whatever way possible. I don't want to be a hypocrite. I have tried it. It seems normal. Right after smoking it, i laughed with my friends and i ate a lot. Nothing too special because i do that everyday. I dont need any drug to make me laugh hard with friends and eat a lot. Back in the day it was too expensive already. I wasnt even earning anything back then i was using the savings i have from my baon. Now that i am old enough and have the means to buy as many as i want, i couldnt seem to get myself to spend for it. For some it is enjoyable. For some its to forget the pain. For me, i can live without it now. Maybe when i have an illness in the future i couldnt really say now.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Values to think of...

Values are the basic notion of what is right and wrong and values are fairly stable over time. what is value for me? do i believe the same things like others. the basic? is it really basic or much more complicated. right and wrong is subjective. can be different depending who is viewing it. yet there is a norm to follow. norm to be good to others. to not pull others down to benefit or get to the top.

Friday, June 09, 2017

St John Baptist de La Salle

Watching the old video of St John Baptist, it strikes me how risk-taker and servant-leader he is. coming from a rich and well-off family, he sacrificed and sold his property so that he could start this business in teaching. to give back to others. In France, there way of teaching is one-on-one yet, he risked and made the innovation of teaching in a classroom style with a number of kids in one class. this was absurd in the thinking of others because it is not the norm. yet he pushed so that he can teach those who deserve it. he is a servant-leader to his colleagues / the brothers. they were leaving him already, yet he never turned his back on them. he even said his doors are open if they want to come back. they are welcome. there was a time that even the raion of food was not enough that he is giving his share just for everybody to be fed. i admire him so much. i really believe that education is for everybody and that is what he did.

Saturday, June 03, 2017

i work because i can

i work because i want to go up the ladder. there is a certain fulfillment for me if i see that management sees my potential and gives me more responsibility. that means im doing a good job. in my work i try to be as good as i can, i am thankful that i get appreciated. going up the ladder means i bring people up there with me. as a Lasallian business leader. i always think of purpose, output, work-life balance and a my duties as a citizen of the world. i do not work alone, i work in an organization and i work with people and working together for a common goal is our everyday purpose. output is something that we just enjoy afterwards. having balance is a must. that is the challenge for everybody and as my duty to this world, i still have to be fair and just. i work because i can. if i dont work, then what is my purpose? i can't picture myself without purpose.

Almost over but still have to cross the finish line

a few days and term is finally over... but it is still a few days. 3 months ago, my brother made sure i will be enrolled this term. he mad...