Sunday, June 18, 2017

Group 1 Reporting

Let's talk vices... Marijuana. it is organic, herbal, it is illegal and legal. while making the report, we researched so many things about marijuana. from the things you here and see around, there are still facts that are not talked about. the history is full of information that you can use and would make it more difficult now to decide if it should be legal.q why do people smoke it? eat it? put it in there drinks? whatever way possible. I don't want to be a hypocrite. I have tried it. It seems normal. Right after smoking it, i laughed with my friends and i ate a lot. Nothing too special because i do that everyday. I dont need any drug to make me laugh hard with friends and eat a lot. Back in the day it was too expensive already. I wasnt even earning anything back then i was using the savings i have from my baon. Now that i am old enough and have the means to buy as many as i want, i couldnt seem to get myself to spend for it. For some it is enjoyable. For some its to forget the pain. For me, i can live without it now. Maybe when i have an illness in the future i couldnt really say now.

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