i work because i can

i work because i want to go up the ladder. there is a certain fulfillment for me if i see that management sees my potential and gives me more responsibility. that means im doing a good job. in my work i try to be as good as i can, i am thankful that i get appreciated. going up the ladder means i bring people up there with me. as a Lasallian business leader. i always think of purpose, output, work-life balance and a my duties as a citizen of the world. i do not work alone, i work in an organization and i work with people and working together for a common goal is our everyday purpose. output is something that we just enjoy afterwards. having balance is a must. that is the challenge for everybody and as my duty to this world, i still have to be fair and just. i work because i can. if i dont work, then what is my purpose? i can't picture myself without purpose.


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