Friday, June 09, 2017

St John Baptist de La Salle

Watching the old video of St John Baptist, it strikes me how risk-taker and servant-leader he is. coming from a rich and well-off family, he sacrificed and sold his property so that he could start this business in teaching. to give back to others. In France, there way of teaching is one-on-one yet, he risked and made the innovation of teaching in a classroom style with a number of kids in one class. this was absurd in the thinking of others because it is not the norm. yet he pushed so that he can teach those who deserve it. he is a servant-leader to his colleagues / the brothers. they were leaving him already, yet he never turned his back on them. he even said his doors are open if they want to come back. they are welcome. there was a time that even the raion of food was not enough that he is giving his share just for everybody to be fed. i admire him so much. i really believe that education is for everybody and that is what he did.

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