Wednesday, February 18, 2004

happy birthday!

it's my lolo litong's birthday. when i woke up this morning. i saw that my phone's light was blinking. and i saw that it was my lolo's birthday.

when i got home...

late as always...

just hanged out...

well it was tiring for my whole body and mind...(very long irritating story)

my dad asked me where i'd been and i told him i had an interview which was postponed... and they're alling me pala kasi they wanted me to go home early and i wasn't answering because i was busy eating. and didn't even find time to call or text them why they were calling

when i got home, i ate dinner and went straight to my room. what a daughter. my mum calls me a border because i don't greet them very well when i get home...

it's like i'm only a border in the house. i get home and don't even say hi or something. i just lock myself in the room and come out when it is time to eat...

but i have my days when i'm happy and i just greet them hahaha... just sharing...

it's my lolo's birthday. i wish i have known him or something. when i was born, he already passed away.

my dad tells us stories about our grandpa and i'm guessing he is as strict as my dad... "like father, like son". with all the stories i hear, i wish i was hearing it from him... you know... i would be laughing at my dad's mistakes and just be close to him or something. i never had a grandpa.

in both mother and father side. they were dead even before i was born. even my my grandma in the mother side. she died even before her husband. the only lola i had was lola rosie. and i'm not that lose to her. just when we go out, we get to talk. pero after that, i don't even see her during the whole week.

we live in the same roof but we don't get to see each other. if she's home im not. when i'm home, she's not. or she's in the other house. always like that... or we just like locking ourselves in the room...

happy birthday lolo! take care wherever you are.

Monday, February 16, 2004

because i got high

Falling in love.

Laughing so hard my face hurts.

A hot shower.

No lines at the supermarket (little marvel)

A special glance.

Getting mail

Taking a drive on a pretty road.

Hearing my favorite song on the radio that reminds me of someone. (halaga by parokya ni edgar)

Lying in bed listening to the tv in the other room.

Finding the sweater i want is on sale for half price pero hindi ko pa rin binili 'coz i don't have the money.

Chocolate milkshake. whippity!!!WOOHOO

A long distance phone call.


A good conversation.

The beach parking lot.

Laughing at my beautiful self.

Midnight phone call that last for hours.

Nung nabasa yung paa ko with those sprinklers i almost ran into

Laughing for absolutely no reason at all.

Having someone tell me that you're beautiful today (only!!!).

Laughing at an inside joke.


Accidentally overhearing Chito say something nice about me.

Waking up and realizing I still have a 30 minutes left to sleep.

My first kiss (either the very first or with a new partner) SECRET!.

Making new friends and spending time with old ones.

Playing with a new old puppy before i went to school.

Having everybody play with my hair.

Sweet dreams.

Hot chocolate by Munch.

Road trips with friends hanggang kanto ng Vito Cruz.

Swinging on swings. actually sa sirang chair lang.

Making eye contact with a cute stranger

Winning a really competitive game (bet na hindi ako mag-aano kapag mag-aano ako nung saturday night).


Spending my time with close friends.

Seeing smiles and hearing laughter from my friends.

Holding hands with someone I care about.

Running into an old friend and realizing that some things (good or bad)
never change

Watching the _expression on someone's face as they open a much desired present from you.(Gonuts Donuts)

Watching the sunset from the jam-packed LRT.

Getting out of bed this morning and being grateful for another beautiful day!!! ---------Friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.

Saturday, February 07, 2004

one hot day

actually it's kinda windy today. it's another ROTC training day but i didn't produce a single sweat today. the whole time there were no officers and we stayed the whole day in room M410. we had two lectures for the day... where i just fool around with the instructors. even if i was sleepy... i did get a lot of notes in the class...

but something happened...

my pen ran out of ink... so i had to stop taking down notes... and i became very sleepy and sleepy until i took a nap and woke up when we are having our recess...

recess: i had egg & cheese sandwich and a slice of marble cake. i wasn't full yet i don't want to buy another food. the food in that place is expensive. i was excited for the dismissal because i am going to buy siomai rice in agno... oh the siomai is good.

all good!

pero before i leave because im tired already, i'm gonna tell a little story. the one i was telling you about a girl on the bench..

well for starters, the girls name is kach. she is a girl found always at that specific bench with her friends and whoever just passes by. she's almost famous. but she has this specific friend that she wants to see that's why she goes to this bench, all day when she has time or she even gets this crazy idea of just staying at that bench, she would. just to see eeno.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

isn't obvious...

i can't write anything tonight because i'm so busy doing my homeworks. tomorrow i'll tell you a story of a girl in a bench.. quite nice to read about.

so i'll let you think about the girl in a bench. i'll let you in a little...

the girl gets to... hehehe... just wait!

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

soooo last week...

it has been a very rough university week for me. i have confronted with many things i didn't know how to handle by myself. and so what i did was just hangout and drink to it. i know in a matter of time, all my troubles would go away.

Monday (January 26, 2004) - nothing happened. sheng.

Tuesday (January 27, 2004) - nothing actually happened. sheng.

Wednesday (January 28, 2004) - Parokya Concert in Ampi during U-break. OH i would never forget the opening band. they were so good and the drummer was so cute(pag malayo!)... i wish he is cute up close and personal. they weren't the typical band who would be playing the rock or alternative or what some people look as the "noise".. the moment they started the soundcheck they got me mouth hanging from my face. oh they were very very good! i couldn't believe they were playing those 70's type of music.

and imagine. they were the engineering people so, they are very very intelligent plus they are musically inclined. the drummer was singing - twist and shout... la bamba... etc... i would give anything to get to meet the whole band. 100 PGI POINTS for yoU! they weren't the typical opening act where the audience were bored... they got the audience and they got good!

but when Parokya arrived. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I wanted to run to the stage and take the microphone and sing witht he band. i just wish i did. they can't stop me... you know i'm big. and you know it.!

"tama na yan. inuman na! o pare ko tumagay ka!"

Thursday (January 29, 2004) - nothing really happened. hindi sheng.

i was waiting for james meneseses in agno for 2 hours but unfortunately he forgot he had to go home early. i understand naman. pero sana man lang nagtext ka... kaso ok lng din because my phone was off (low batt! buiset!) so it was okay. i was hanging out in my kingdom the whole night upto 6:30 with dream. oh he is so cute.. even if i didn't drink that night, i was drunk with all the hugs i received from him. we were fooling around and i got to hug him and he hugs me back..(dreams do come true!) WOOHOO!

Friday (January 30, 2004) - Battle of the Bands. i ahd to cut class becaus ei had to attend a cultural concert but i didn't attend. i just told the president to sing me up. so he did. thanks HERSHEY! so i hanged out the whole time in GP. this is not Glorietta Pour(long story! tell you some other time)... Green Place... had one bottle of beer.

just one!

i miss those nights when there were practices at my place for the bandfest. i miss the stage. the crowd and the music. i only hear them in my player. the shouts and cheers. i really cant resist. i can't stop cheering. when the band started to shout at the top of my lungs - I love you _____________(the band members) even if i don't know them. and i would shout it out loud when the band is setting up their equipments. it was so much fun. but i was so sad when the band i was cheering for didn't win. i actually cheered for everybody but the guys i knew didn't.

it was so much fun. it has been a very long time since i have shouted like that... except when i see cockroaches... they're just yucky!!!

Saturday (January 31,2004) - ROTC time. it was tiring actually we were soaked under the sun for two hours and we wwere taught by the officers to from our company and march around the field. but the most tiring part was the drop. we had to drop in the very muddy field without doing anything.

it was just tiring. when i got home. i sleep. when i woke up. i slept.

Sunday (February 1, 2004) - tiring. i just slept the whole day.

one thing. i wasnted to share that a friend of mine told me someone is admiring me because i can hangout with the boys... she meant that i was one-of-theboys type of person. that i could hangout with boys alone. and even if im the only girl i could still enjoy myself. i don't know why but im just more comfortable with them. not that being with the girls isn't omfortable but i mean im just used to with the boys. i can realte to them and play with them and fool around with them if i have to. i just can interact witht hem without worries...

no insecurities. not like other girls out there who has to impress pa guys to get to be close to them. what a waste of time noh!...

well just want to share that. but i was thinking of something my cousin, lola and i had talked about last week.

its about the abortion and the adoption. i told them that i was okay with it abortion. i mean just kill the child if you're going to give them away when they are out here already. i not saying im going to kill my baby if i had one. i'm just saying if you decide to give birth to the baby, be sure you will not give them away. i mean the hild has the right to be with their real parents. it will not be really easy for the child to grow up without the presence of their birth parents.

i just can't help but think of the stories whatsoever i have heard and so in the movies.

it was dreadful for the hild who has grown up knowing that she is with her parents bnut knowing that he not. that they are not the real ones. it was just sad that they had to be confronted with such pain because of one simple mistake of giving away your baby.

i just don't like the idea of giving away babies. i gave birth and he/she is mine. he/she is my blood and skin and i can't understand how some parents could handle letting other people take care of their babies.

because in reality, people can't afford to take care of the baby. okay. reason accepted. i just wished you planned before doing a deed that brought about the baby in the first place.

i can't really say. i mean. if the time comes that i would have a baby. i wouldn't really know what i would do. but if you think about it. i would never really give my baby away. i would maybe kill it if its only like a dot inside me.

all im saying is...

"practice safe sex"

but if you can't do that.

don't do sex at all!!!!

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