one hot day

actually it's kinda windy today. it's another ROTC training day but i didn't produce a single sweat today. the whole time there were no officers and we stayed the whole day in room M410. we had two lectures for the day... where i just fool around with the instructors. even if i was sleepy... i did get a lot of notes in the class...

but something happened...

my pen ran out of ink... so i had to stop taking down notes... and i became very sleepy and sleepy until i took a nap and woke up when we are having our recess...

recess: i had egg & cheese sandwich and a slice of marble cake. i wasn't full yet i don't want to buy another food. the food in that place is expensive. i was excited for the dismissal because i am going to buy siomai rice in agno... oh the siomai is good.

all good!

pero before i leave because im tired already, i'm gonna tell a little story. the one i was telling you about a girl on the bench..

well for starters, the girls name is kach. she is a girl found always at that specific bench with her friends and whoever just passes by. she's almost famous. but she has this specific friend that she wants to see that's why she goes to this bench, all day when she has time or she even gets this crazy idea of just staying at that bench, she would. just to see eeno.


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