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the service learning proposal we have sent is very dear to me. i love dogs. and animals are god's creation to make our world be as lively and beautiful. making a proposal to make a campaign assistance for the organization is i think one of the best ideas we had come up with. aside from just cleaning, feeding and taking care of these animals, we get to spend time with the man's bestfriend. I get to do that at home. And for some work on something like this, something i would enjoy, its not work. This activity we thought of is one of the activities we thought of. In the first meeting we asked each and everyone to get a CSR porposal on the table so we could choose from it. It should be something we are all willing to do and something that is sustainable and among the proposals this is what we thought of. We all like animals. We even joked that some of the members are animals. But who isnt right? It is just so important to give time to the community. Not just to the people…

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