Saturday, August 05, 2017

Almost over but still have to cross the finish line

a few days and term is finally over... but it is still a few days. 3 months ago, my brother made sure i will be enrolled this term. he made sure i get scheduled to talk to the graduate office so that i can return and i will finish what i started before. i am not the most proactive person in school and he knows that so he pushes me a lot. i started this 7 years ago, i said to myself i wouldn't be those who are just looking for a partner (boyfriend for some), i wouldn't be the now that term is finally over, i still cant seem to push myself on my own to do things. i can't find the motivation and inspiration. in the span of 11 weeks, it flew by. but I'm still flying right now, i don't know where i am landing. i see the finish line but its still a blur. i need my glasses to see it clearly.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Sustainable CSR

how can we help sustain the company where we work? small things like helping the society is a simple way to be sustainable. the company's actions have a great deal of impact to its neighbors. like when i talk to our CSR team, we were talking about ways that our CSR activities can be improved. it has to be sustainable but still is strategic to the value of our brand. we named a few that i can suggest for my paper. 1. Housing projects – being a real estate company and in line with our mission/vision to provide homes for Filipino families 2. UP CoE teaching grants – As a company with an engineering heritage, we want to support engineering education in the Philippines and our to one or our core value to provide excellence in all things we do, we do not like mediocrity in all our products. 3. Medical missions – We hold such activities in barangays where our projects are located as part of our “good neighbor” policy. we just always want to give back to society because we should share to others what we normally can get that other cant. as i said the small things an make a difference. being a 40-billion capable company. we want to be able to hit our target which we did. 30B as of today is something that we are proud of. our sales meter have been over 100% since the start of June and achiecing this, we can focus now on helping others in the "small" things small things can help sustain one's company. give back and you will receive 10 folds.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Birthday Treat

Its my birthday today. I felt very lazy to go to work. why because its my birthday and i deserve to take a rest. i have finished turning over my work to the staff and other supervisors who will be handling my job for the time being. i have done it fast because i have it all ready at all times. as i have been saying before to myself, it is never final. there is nothing to be comfortable about at work. so i have done that so i told my mum i will just stay at home in the rainy weather til dinner celebration with the family. she said no. go to the office and treat your colleagues. they are always there for you so you would want to celebrate this special day of yours with them as well. she is right. a little amount of money to feed maybe 60-70 people will not be too expensive. i asked my staff to organize it. i really didn't want to be bothered. when i called him up he told me to be at the office. i told him okay and gave him some instructions. but i will surely be late. thinking of arriving at around 2 pm. told my boss i will not come to work to work but i will come because i will have a small salu-salo. he was okay with the idea and so im going to work. i think my mother will be right this time. as always with her advice. listening to the elder is always a good decision. they have far more experiences than you and an outside perspective is always a good advice because it is not biased. happy birthday to me and i thank everyone in advance for making it special.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Start of the birthday week

start of my birthday week. i have been receiving gifts left and right. greetings as early as the 1st of the month but i just received the gift of opportunity today. My boss told me that the VP and President would like to talk to me about something after the Director's meeting i was presiding in the morning. So immediately i was curious. so the curious mind wondered. i knew what it was but i didn't know what to expect. you never really know know what is gonna happen. coming in the office of the president, it was like a panel and i am being interrogated with the crimes i have committed. so it began the many palabok of explanations. i was going to laterally transferred to handle the team i was assigned to supervise for a month and the position is somehow a "promotion" to head a new sales division but still not a promotion. was i ready? they asked me. and i answered... i don't think i will ever be ready. you just dive to the unknown and use the trust that they have to be able to do my job right. i consider this a gift. a gift of endless opportunities. some see it as an opportunity for them to take my place but that's not my say now. i am to be moved and the management will just pick the person who they think can manage what i do before. so this birthday week is actually then the start of turnover of tasks as i am to transfer next week. it is that fast and it is the urgent call of the president to do all i can and everything i need will be given to me. my new goal is to make this work as this could lead to more blessings in the future for me.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Changes in the workplace

i have been working for DMCI Homes for 9 years now. my 9th anniversary is on the 19th of August. My career has been with the Sales Department ever since. I became a Broker Coordinator for 3 1/2 years, then and International Sales Manager for 2 1/2, then 2 years as the head of Recruitment and Admin and then now i am transferred to head a new team - Telemarketing Team. This is very new. i only borrowed employees from different teams so that we could get a start of the operations. The President is alongside the building of this team so i am under close observation. instructions were given to me and i have 4 months starting august 1, to build the team from ground and up and make it as efficient, as possible. there are so may changes, i am one of the few people in the whole Sales Management who have gone to almost all units. i have felt the trust that the management have been giving me since day one. i never asked to be transferred but i always am ready for the next challenge. in our workplace you can never be too comfortable in one place because there is always a chance of change. especially for me. so many changes, you sometimes don't know if youare the last person to know. because at times change is so sudden you are then given the information a week before. so turnover of reports, databases, information and processes are immediate. how can you cope up? simple... YOU ASK!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Work and life balance then comes school...

it is a goal of mine to balance my work and life at the same time. i think i am able to do that properly for a while now. then i enrolled to business school and everything went from proper to garbage. i remember how i was in school back in grade school, high school and college. and what do i expect now, to be able to change that? Rome was not built in a day... so will my procrastinating habits be removed as soon as i wake up. i don't know how the others do it. i can never be superwoman. i feel it is so wrong that i do some of my assignments at work. but because i haven't had any weekends off for almost a month now, i couldn't find the time to do it. it is for sure not okay as well that i use company resources for my own benefit. but somehow you start small and then next thing you know you will say that it is okay to just log-in and say you are at work when you aren't because your boss wouldn't really check up on you as long as you deliver results. how can i really be like the supermoms, or the others who i admire. they can go to work, be good at what they do, then have time to be with family and loved ones. then have time to go to school and excel as well. how? how? how? that would be the goal because i am in it for the long haul and to be able to finish this graduate school not really aiming for high grades but as long as i pass. this is my gift to my papa in heaven.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

New Market opportunity

we are doing the paper of new market opportunity... during our discussion i cant seem to get the fact out of my head that China is not like Manila very open with out Market. time has have changed but even upto now, China is still the same. so making decisions with out ACAs has eben tough because it would seem that China will not approve of it. sometimes i wonder if there is a possibility of change for them? i also wonder, how can other countries penetrate the market opportunity of China even if the government will not be the one to initiate the joint venture? on another note, we are going to PAWS next week for our CSR activity. we are going to feed the dogs and cats there.

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Insider Trading

i was thinking of ways it is done in the office. i ask myself was it ethical? it seems as if the company actually benefited from that. so what really happens... as a real estate company, we are always in the development to produce more communities to sell to the public/investors/end-users. we buy land, develop and a team will conceptualize on everything. once we have all the details and permits squared out we launch the project to the sellers. so the information during the development plans are very confidential. if it is leaked and we don't have the license to sell (LTS) from the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB), we are subject for a lot of misrepresentation and penalties. being part of the all the project teams, i get to know the information as early as the buying of the land. and somehow i am torn between company policies and the company target. if i give a few information to key sellers who i know can produce a lot of sale, we are able to meet target for sure by the time we launch the project. but of course company policies are telling me not to do it. so i don't. but still information is leaked and the very resourceful sellers are able to come up with materials so that they could present to their clients a project that will be up and coming, rising in different parts of Metro Manila. upon launching we have projects that we sell out in one week. so is it still a bad thing? because if someone leaked it, its company information that management had made strict guidelines not to share until the project launch date. but becuase somebody leaked it, then we are proud that we sold out. where do we determine the ethical side of that? is it still ethical? is there such a thing as right but not ethical?

Saturday, June 24, 2017


the service learning proposal we have sent is very dear to me. i love dogs. and animals are god's creation to make our world be as lively and beautiful. making a proposal to make a campaign assistance for the organization is i think one of the best ideas we had come up with. aside from just cleaning, feeding and taking care of these animals, we get to spend time with the man's bestfriend. I get to do that at home. And for some work on something like this, something i would enjoy, its not work. This activity we thought of is one of the activities we thought of. In the first meeting we asked each and everyone to get a CSR porposal on the table so we could choose from it. It should be something we are all willing to do and something that is sustainable and among the proposals this is what we thought of. We all like animals. We even joked that some of the members are animals. But who isnt right? It is just so important to give time to the community. Not just to the people but to the other creatures of this world that God has created to make it more beautiful.

Friday, June 23, 2017

What is ethical?

According to study, 48% of employees indicated that they had done something unethical or illegal in the past year. who is ever innocent of this? the littlest things you do but not consider unethical can be unethical. stop and think. - did i ever print a copy of my resume that i will submit to apply to another company? - have you photocopied a valid ID as a requirement for a personal loan? - have you checked your FB page using the company WI-FI? these little things. the smallest of things yet we never really think it is "robbing" the company or using the company resources for your own benefit. it is all subjective. it would even depend on the perspective of the person. but seriously can you really say that you have never done this?

Thursday, June 22, 2017

doing the life plan

i am lost. im thinking so hard of what i plan my life to be and i'm blank. 25 years from now i will be 55. in the years of golden age, i haven't really thought about it. I'm not sure if i will be alive as well. i'm living and thinking of the now. doing the life plan in advance is even harder because im the type to be thinking of "the now" rather than later. you tend to overthink once you plan. of course you plan yet it doesnt go the way it goes. i attempted but in my whole honesty, i really think that i could achieve my plans earlier that expected because some of these plans i am halfway there already.

Almost over but still have to cross the finish line

a few days and term is finally over... but it is still a few days. 3 months ago, my brother made sure i will be enrolled this term. he mad...