Thursday, June 15, 2006

addicted to L

"the way that we live....

i can't stop thinking about yoda!

over the past few days, i got hooked with the most interesting tv series i have watched. i can't help but picture it everywhere. on my way to school i keep bumping into lesbians that made me think of the program again.

did i mention that the program is a story about lesbians? yes. its a story of lesbians friends in west hollywood and how they go on with life dealing with problems they are faced with. they try to figure out what they want in life most and balanced these things with their career.

don't get so confused okay. i got addicted to L because of the story. L does not represent only lesbian. it also means life, love, lust, luscious, i want to say crisp-ey but the word doesn't start with the letter L. any word that you can think of that starts with the letter L is the meaning of L.

i got so obsessed that i watched the 2 seasons for two days and haven't slept since then. it kept me thinking about life and what i want and need. not that im a lesbian but because the problems they encounter are problems of any normal person. its just that its more complicated with them because the relationship is with the same sex.

when i finished the whole program. the only thing in my head were they funny scenes and the intimate sex scenes in it. so when i was saying that when i kept bumping into lesbians on my way to school, my mind just goes wild and wonders if these people do what the actors do in the show. do they have the same situation to those characters in the show. are they really out or are they just that?

i can't seem to figure it because of course i cannot relate to them.

i was just saying to my cousin last night how i was dreaming of the episodes. it was funny, passionate and true. i'm just afraid that i would end up dreaming about it but i would the character in the show already. EWE!

but what if. i would never know. what if i have the tendency to be gay? i would never really know. the characters in the show were telling their 'coming out' story thats when they finally knew what they're real identity is. there are many whatifs in this world and you will never know the answer until you experience it yourself. feelings are hard to explain. you may have the picture in your head but the fact that you haven't experienced it you can't say that you're not that type of person.

all im say it that there is a little gay person in us. he or she may either grow in us or leave us eventually. hypothetically, if im correct everyone has a chance of being gay in the future. im just saying.

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