Wednesday, June 28, 2006

LTO is not that bad

i can't believe im back in the LTO fixing my license for the second day. i don't know if its the priveledge of getting my license already or the people i get to meet. yes. you can meet people inside the LTO. and they're not just people but they're cute as well.

it started yesterday when right after school i planned to go to makati to let some people fix me up with my license. of course i don't want to get into those lines and wait for hours so that they could get atleast 5 pictures and signatures. i should've asked them to pay my talent fee.

there was no issuance of new license in makati. so we tried going to mandaluyong coz we know some people there. when we got there unfortch, there is no more LTO there. so we end up going to tayuman which is very near my house. i got my drug test, the aid told me to pee in the bottle but i couldn't for like 10 minutes inside the small cubicle. and it was kinda gross coz i have my period. well lets not go into details. so when i got there, we got ourselves a fixer, the one who always runs our papers in the LTO. so i thought it would only take an hour or so.

but i was wrong. so wrong. it took me two. not two hours but two days. yes. the most efficient system of the LTO can process your papers for two days. for P1000, the wait is worth it.

so i got there, there was this other guy they were trying to fix. so i just sat there waited for my name to be called and just texted everyone i know so i wont get bored. after 30 minutes, i couldn't help myself, i talked to the other guy beside me coz he was kinda cute and looks kinda mabait. i know.... its called flirting.

we got to talk for four hours straight and we just talked, talked, talked, and talked. i mean we just didn't stop. we were exchanging stories of whatever comes up. stories about everything. families, friends and whatever. he always asks and i answer then i ask back but he answers with patawa and asks me another question that i will just answer again without thinking that he wasn't really talking that much. of course i got to talk and i don't really mind. but i got some info on him too. he's a taekwondo something, lives in novaliches kingspoint subdivision, from batangas and studying in PCU(just in the same place as my school - TAFT).

until the person called us, told us that we have to go again tomorrow for our exams. FUCKER!!!! i really hate LTO for that. but then again, it was worth it.

so we said our goodbyes when my mum called. they were outside already picking me up. i totally forgot to ask for his number so i could message him when i get back today. i was so me. i never get the numbers of people. they usually ask for mine. yabang!!! haha

when i woke up the next day, i thought of my plan for the day. time im going to the LTO, how and the little details. it was so obvious i really wanted to go. i told my mum i would just go straight from school. i'll just ride the LRT. haha i was so excited!

my driver texted me and told me to go home first, we have it was so sad coz i could have gone earlier. but then something would have happened instead. so i was all good.

we got there and we were looking for the fixer again and found the guy with marvin. that's the name of the guy i was talking to the entire time. it was so clear that if i didn't talk to this guy, i would have a frown on my license right now. he was there and he was wearing red(like he told me yesterday) funny!

he was finished with his exam already and he was suppose to wait for me but some guy pushed him to the exam room. he showed me the way to the exam room and told me what i have to do. i finished the test in 30 minutes because it was kinda easy. but i was confused with the street lines. broken yellow lines and the like. i didn't read that part of the reviewer. but i wasn't really scared about it coz everything else is common sense. so when i went down, i was waiting for the result, marvin was there saving me a seat. (ehem!) so talked again and stopped when our names would be called and go back to the topic we were discussing before it was INTERRUPTED by the LTO guys.

he got his license an hour earlier than i did. he was so hungry that he invited me to lunch. in Jollibee. nothing really special just an ordinary lunch with a new friend of mine. but then again, do i consider it as a date? he paid for the i ate.

so when we were there he asked what i wanted and i didn't hesitate to order but i was really not hungry so i just ordered a spaghetti meal. and he was asking me if that would be all. maybe because i was fat that's why he was doubting me if im in a sort of diet or something. but i really can't eat much. when he got back, he bought me the spaghetti with iced tea and french fries and pizza meatpie. i was so full! i couldn't eat anymore but he was forcing me to eat. he didn't want me to feel that im abusing him or something. which i wasn't really.

so when i was heading back, he told me that he's coming with me to wait until i get my license. i was so thankful he helped a lot for two days now.

i finally got my license.

if only he could read my blog right now, he would be able to see my license. when i got it i didn't let him see anything. even my picture. he was eager to look at it and i was just convinced i wont let him. wahahaha. i made him a deal instead. i would let him see my license if i would bump into him again. so he said he was going to visit me at home.

when we were going home, YES! he accompanied me until i got home. inside our gate. hay!!! LIFE! i wouldn't even think that that would happen to me in the LTO. but you will never really know what to expect. coz i didn't until now.

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