Monday, January 02, 2006

christmas to remember

this christmas is one of the christmas that i spent the most!

i bought a wrap around. its a good find. its a wrap around in 12 ways and for only P700.

i bought 3 new pairs of shoes. extremely girly and sporty ones.

i bought a lot of books. some i have no idea why i bought but was interested in reading other books.

this year is so memorable coz i wasnt really able to celebrate christmas. literally. i had to sleep early. long story. but pictures can tell the stories of what happened.

it was a time for laughter and the time for cries. i had to beg some people and to flirt with some. haha its the season i was hoping to feel warmth but unfortunately no one bothered to except my family. i was hoping to find someone. so maybe the next year to come, they will be in line. ahaha

holiday is in the air. and its slowly drifting away... i didnt get much so can i ask just one big gift... can it be the EDGE? or is it too much to ask...


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