Monday, October 17, 2005

i woke up early in the morning for the accounting workshop of practicum. guess why? miggy wanted to borrow a lip balm. my strawberry born lippy lip balm. which is so weird in the morning. he woke me up 6:30 am that morning and i wasn't able to sleep again so i went to take a shower and get ready for school.

the workshop was the most boring part of the day. it was a 2 hour workshop about accounting stuff which i should know because i am the financial manager of our simulated company. right after the talk, we went to mcdonalds for take out then went home straight for our production.

we cooked a gazillion molocco. im beginning to hate it because i see it everywhere. but to sell it to everybody and seeing people enjoy eating our product makes me feel good and makes me want to make more.

and we had a revelation of what we should do with molocco. at pammy's party, there were taco fillings and its good with molocco. with the salsa, sour cream and beef.


mike(jeanette's boyfriend) came to rescue the boring production day with his skills in playing the guitar. we finished earlier and killed time in SM San Lazaro and to pick up kaycee. we got back and got ready for mikko's party.

exactly a year ago, i went to that same party and got there with a grand entrance - i was already drunk. and last saturday night, people recognized me from that night. even remembered the color of what i was wearing.


we got there already eaten dinner at my place. i didn't even try to dress up because i know i would have a hard time going around the garden with high heels and all those bling bling. got a rugged pants and shirt. put on my havaianas and got my topshop scarf. it was mikko and i live just maybe 10 kilometers away. and i know im gonna get drunk or a little wild.

at first we were hesitant to ask if we can drink. other people were still eating and so we waited for them so we could get a table at the garden for ourselves.

the party started.

i had my first two shots at the stairs. ordered coco lychee for myself. jeanette wanted to taste what we got so we let her and she liked it. we knew the party ahs started. she said that the drink tastes good but taste like coconut... DUH!!!!!! hahaha.

i finished my drink immediately and got drinks for everyone. until i was feeling dizzy because of going up and down the stairs. getting food, getting drinks and going to the bathroom so i wouldn't get drunk. but because the day was full of tiring activities, i was so weak that night that i given up after 8 shots of tequila and 3 glasses of coco lychees and 2 glasses of vodka sprite.


until some people started getting pissed at me coz they're scared that i might pull off the thing i did last year the second time around. and they didn't want to be embarrassed by me. but i wasn't really drunk. i was just enoying myself like what mikko wanted us to. and i wanted to because it would be rare for me to party now that we are starting practicum. and i just hate it that they were pissed because i was having a good time.

but i did. they were telling me we were going even if i didn't want to yet. but because i only have one way to go home, i don't have any choice. i had to say goodbye to mikko's party.

they were shouting at me at the car and didn't want to listen to me because they thgouth i was too drunk to give directions to go to my place. i got really pissed when kaycee was shouting at my ear. i just kept quiet when we were near my place. i was suppose to go down some corner to take a cab but they weren't taking me seriously.

but to sum it all up i got in to a fight with kaycee and im kinda holding grudge right now. i had a fun night because i was with my friends after a very long time. and people enjoyed our product and wanted to order from us.

hoping for a soon party with you guys.

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