Friday, November 18, 2005

the duet of bohemian rhapsody

i really wanted to stay home and just sleep. it has been a very long time since i slept long and peaceful as i did this morning. for 11 hours, i had the most relaxing sleep ever. it all should be right? but this one is different...

this one made me go to school and be a very productive person that i really am. imagine me being productive in one class for the whole day and a regular meeting with my business partners.?

i call it productive!

today i brought my usually big bag to school. inside were my kikay kit, umbrella, jacket, wallet and cellphone. and the most important paper of all my friends' survey forms. i went to class and surprisingly i was just in time.

so class ended... i still had everything in my bag but one. a small pieace of blank paper. i didn't have my notebook that's why i fit all my notes in one small pieace of blank paper. i survived...

i was so bored to death that my face looked as usual - grumpy! all of this was erased with just one text message - from EDGE.

"pare, san kayo?"

everything changed, jeanette noticed the change of my voice tone from deep to perky. its been six days since i last saw this guy and he SMSd me.

picture me looking normal then just changing from that to starting to bite my lip then laughing as hard as i can. i looked uber stupid. but i didn't care.

the force is within me. i am falling hard... this guy makes me laugh. LAUGH!!! he's so cuddly. he's so cute and i wanna take him home with me. please?

we hanged out the whole day. he was tickling me the whole time. i can't explain it. but i think im falling harder for him.

i can't stop smiling

i can't tell the story again for the nth time but i promise you it is just a simple kiss in the cheeks and a duet in videoke with him of the bohemian rhapsody.

i'm still smiling. i can't stop my mouth to bend this way..

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