Wednesday, December 28, 2005

out of school

out of school is always a blast. you get to rest for hours and nobody bugs you because you are not really doing anything. just chill and do whatever.

think of whoever till you can no longer think coz you want to sleep. that's what i do. even my friends don't see me anymore because of my slacking. i've been asked out four times already by one guy and two by two other guys but i refuse to go out with any of them. i just don't like them. at all! they're cute but their cuteness is not enough for me.

one night last week, i planned a get together of my highschool friends because a very close friend of mine from STC arrived after migrating to the states. three long years has been long enough for us. i decided to call up our friends and have this dinner party at my place. but unfortunately, old habits die hard.

its hard enough that i have to contact everyone. but to stood us up when you already said you'd make it. thank god i invited some of my friends before to have a house party at my house. but i cancelled when i realized i haven't practiced for our gig the night after.

still one came. the only person i really wanted to see. he still came. he came and loved everything i have cooked. i had fun. so much fun i forgot to practice.

with one friend that never showed his face.

with the night ending so happy

talking about life, before and after tonight. serious and fun moments. regrets and fantasies. just life!

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freshmargs573 said...

hey katikat!! never knew u had this blog this for quite a while now. anyway, im still waiting for your call.. haha im at home sick ryt now. i need my vodka-tussin. hahaha.. my fever reducer. arghh! wish i could come to your house party again. dang look at the last pic.. i look like im all beaten up. haha. keep your cool girl! it doesnt matter if people stood us up that night. it was fun nonetheless. and i love you for planning that night. muah muah muah!

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