Friday, December 30, 2005

last gig for the year

sitting, wishing, waiting...
watching, wondering, thinking...
desiring, lusting, hoping...

just waiting for the intermission. we wonder around the place with our minds set to play just the songs we already know. thinking about the next food to be eaten and the money they would be paying. hahaha
we took pictures when they are doing the program. on the small stage infront of all the people.
even while eating and not minding that we are already called. maangas ba? NOT..!
the food was great and the plan was simple. to put on the best show we could ever make without the practice we always forget.

it was all worth it. at the end of the night we were paid and we even got balloons to take home.

we headed to the nearest (?) hotshots we could find. played with balloons along the way in side the car and played with santa claus straw dispensers.
posing infront of the camera is hard. but it takes time. it only take a little helium to make it better!

i told yoU!... its gettin' there...


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