Thursday, February 15, 2007

i dont know what to do.

i keep coming back to the very beginning. i can't seem to figure out what i want in my life. it bugs me that im envious of people around me knowing what they want and having the guts to do it. i want my life. i want progress but i can't do it. the person that i was is gone. the person that speaks up her mind and the person that gets things done has vanished.


im feeling empty. i don't want to feel like this forever. the drive that i once had isn't there when i needed it. i had a plan. it was all working out so perfectly but when people talk to me about it, i blank out. i stop. i think and i never do anything. study, put up my own business and become rich. travel and have fun. thats what's my life is all about. but now, that my life is about to start i can't seem to start the engine. i keep missing the keyhole of the ignition and drop the keys.

i have to get back on track. do i listen to what everybody says or just follow what my instincts tell me...?

calls are made and i can't even decide.
my brain is not working and can't process.

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