Tuesday, January 06, 2004

because everywhere it's jammed..... and in the end... there will be happy endings!

today was the first day of my brother back to school... hahaha. ramon, miguel and JL, had to sleep and wake up early so they won't be late. oh god i don't miss those days. when you would wake up in the morning feeling so damn tired and use some lame excuse so that you won't go to school. act like you're sick or something like that... never fails me... it works everytime.

while i was dragged early in the morning to go to school to enroll my ass off.... well i got there not later than 11am. and i was shoked on how the accounting office was full and had to accept the fact that i wont finish working for my school papers... so i deided to bum my way to agno (my kingdom!!!)... until lunch time was getting near. so i decided to get my big butt out of agno and into the long line of the registrar. in matter of time... the line was gone. i didn't have a hard time... but when i got into the accounting. boredom!!!!!!!!! desperate need to go out again.. so i just waited for my O.R. and went staright to agno again... so i could see my true love (dream). he was there... he said to "i love you" twice... do you the feeling of being speechless. i am always like that when he say very shocking lines to me... hahaha he is so cute that dream of mine!!!!

i went to fix my educational plan papers an because i dont have a ride. so a friend picked me up and we went to the mall for a while after going to CAP. then he dropped me off at my dad's job site... end of the day... im safe at home... harhar

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