Thursday, January 01, 2004

something to write about

It's been a while since i last logged-in here. I have lots to share from the sadness to the joys of life.

last Sepetember, mika and paolo got back together. two good friends of mine. they got back together... cute story... a week after. Paolo goes ballistic over a family friend of mika and paolo breaks up with her. makes her pay for the necklace he gave her.

Its was so insensitive of him. he gave it to mika and then lets her pay for it. what a real jerk. if i will have a boyfriend like that.. thanks! but no thanks... it doesn't matter how cute he is, but if he is a big booger like that. blech!@!@!

Actually i can't express myself with their story because its a very hefty estimate. i've yet to experience it myself like fallin' in love. just hearing, reading stories like that it makes me cry for so long and i just want to kill the person because it reaLLY HURTS. . It's bad that she gave him another chance even if they're almost the perfect couple before. and if ever i had the oppotunity to bring back time... I would have just told them to stay as friends. it would be better that way. i am not an expert on these types of situation, i speak for my own opinion on what i see and in what i conclude from those...

It really sucks. In school, it has been very busy but with all my new friends, it's been a blast... My friends are great and school has been hard and all. at least i have experienced the whole lot of it.

so all-in-all my life has been meaningful. I have been learning alot from my experiences. it's much better to be very close friends than having the commitment. because there will be no way that you will hurt each other's feelings. And in school. i should be friendly. and not be a snob. because it's so much of relief to have lots of frineds to go to when you're down and tell your stories and secrets to. to confide to and treasure forever...

... the long day is over and you will have them there to listen to you. tiring as it is. you talk to them over the phone and tell stories to each other and share laughters to one another...
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i can't take it... every guy wearing a cap that sits next to me or is beside, i get nervous. I remember the incident that happened recently and i can't help but wonder how stupid i am not to check the door locks.

May 2, 2003 (Friday)
Lola, my cousin and i went to a party in J.P. Rizal. It all went well. During the book browsing in fully booked (former PAGEONE store in Powerplant). The desert in Icebergs Jupiter. Then all of sudden because of a single stupidity, i almost got robbed. We were driving along Osmena Highway when a White Pajero stops and wanted to change lanes. The door then opens and i thought 'why open now, we have been driving for almost 15 minutes now.'. As i reached for the door a man wearing a cap just tried to get my phone. I was holding it tightly and i don't want to let go. He didn't have the chance to get my phone. I lost my strength and power over everything. I couldn't breath normally and i was left speechless.

... i was traumatized... i can't think of anything else other than that.

Now everytime I'm inside the car. i never forget to check the locks again. I'm afraid that it will happen again. And I'm just lucky that that man didn't have a knife or a gun with him. Because if he did, he would have stabbed me or shot me dead... I can't let him do that. I still have lots of things to accomplish like school. and lots of things to prove to my mum and my dad...
and i think i hate them both!!!

May 5, 2003 (Monday)
It's the day of my enrollment in De La Salle University. My mum told me days before to finish everything i need for the enrollment. I did what she told me. I wasn't really excited and i was tired. i haven't slept well. Well we were there and there was a very long line for getting just one piece of paper. It was hot and hot and hot and HOT!!!! I finished the first step and off we went to the next. I told my mum to tell me everything i needed to do but she didn't. We went on and on until got pissed at each other we almost shouted at one another. She made me pay for my p.e. uniform and she should have gave me money. I hate her....
Then today when we were eating lunch with the whole family, my mum told the very nice experience we had during the enrollment. My dad now reacted that if i'm pissed with simple problems, might as well not go to school and just work in Jollibee.!!! the hell with him!!!. he talks and talks and talks and he doesn't do anything. He just lectures me about life but he doesn't show how to do it. because he doesn't know!!!
He thinks he knows everything but he doesn't. He is not God!! I hate them!!!!!!

Well off i go to the mall and i'm going to shop till i don't have money left in my wallet. I need to to take my mind out of the subject and that is the only way!!!

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