Saturday, January 10, 2004

day full of dirt! (leaning my room)

the new look for my room in the year 2004. it was mum's idea, to clean-up my room and i have filled up an entire trash bag with all the papers i have compiled during this school year in DLSU. i didn't realize my room is a living library of handouts, copied notes (xerox). and books (xerox). it is really one of my problem. i am always having a hard time throwing things away like my first and last perfect test in COMATH1 and everything. i put sentiments on it so i couldn't just throw it away. and sometimes, it may be of help in the futures to come.

when i was in fourth year highschool. i was part of the crative writing classes. it was my elective and i really had fun. i became almost close to other batchmates who barely know. (not really my thing) and i got close to a friends "beach". in one of our class, as an assignment, we had to write an essay about what i need that could have help in me and in the country. it goes a little something like this: blah blah blah.. having a a robot who is almost exactly like me. but doesn't have the heart. so they could do things for me. like my personal yaya! harhar. bsta. it went somehow. the professor kinda liked the idea! harhar. (this is just a very opinionated opinion).

back to the real story, i was shocked at the dust at the bak of the computer, boxes and other stuff in my room. it was full of dust rabbits. (the one in the lizzie mcguire show) well ewe! my room has been a complete nightmare. i couldn't lean-up all day so i decided to take break from it and wandered around the house and in the other houses and played badminton outside. something to do that wont let all the fat from the food i've eaten to be stuck in my body forever. in short to burn the fats! haha now i have been sneezing with all the dusts i have encountered during the day, i can feel all the dirt in my nose. just don't picture it. it doesn't look good. it make you barf big time!

i have taken a break again ang mama started telling me to clean up again. the very big problem why i couldn't clean up is because i don't know where i should put the stuff i have cleaned when it is clean already. my roon is so small to move the furniture around. some cabinets just dont fit. it gets worst. i still have my TV set in the box. i couldn't use it unless i have cleaned the whole room. without leaving any sign of spiderweb or dust spots. the very big box has taken all the space in the room so i have to move the box everytime i want to get something or when i want to go out of the room or i want to change or anything.

i don't have my privacy from the things i do inside my room like change in some dress or outfit. there would be times when i'm all naked somebody would just barge in and not even have the decency to knock on the door. it is just really hard for me. i would really like to put cement on the other door (the one connecting my room to my parents). that is why i have an idea. lola rosie is a very weak person already, and she couldn't go upstairs fast. she is having ahard time going to her room. so if papa would make lola a room in the first floor. i woul djust get lola's room and turn it into mine. it would be better because it's bigger and i would really have the privay i want. but because that is MY idea. nobody would ever know. my thoughts never count in this family. whatever! later!

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