Tuesday, January 06, 2004

blisters on my feet

the day ended with my feet aching because i've walked from amorsolo st. to dela rosa st. and back. my feet wasn't used to all the long walking with my sandals.

pero the truth is... the day wasn't that boring at all. i went to finish fixin' my educational plan papers this afternoon and it went like hell. my mum and i waited for an hour just to be called and having to sit again because they atteched it to the wrong paper... sadly it was mine.

i was strollin around greenbelt until i went back to CAP. walking..... walking... walking... my feet hurts like hell.. i wanted to take a cab but it wasn't that far. i was just tired of all the things i've been doing during the break. i didn't buy anything because.. i only have 500 bucks in my pocket... what can i buy...

i shouldn't spend much these days.. i have to get my organ back. (9700 golden money!!!)... and because my unhealthy habit... (doodie! harhar!) one big number! dont ask. even if i have lots of oh-my-god-i-want-to-buy-that-things, i shouldn't. coz i have to pay up... im all drained... tomorrow is our first day... and i don't want to go to school. but just one factor urges me to... the dream.... baby face with oh my god those dimples. uuuuhhhhh! cute talaga. see you sa agno, dream!!!!!!

i need to go to sleep. i have to wake up early because as always i am slow.... slow... slow...

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