Saturday, January 17, 2004

the long day is over

how can i say that the day is over? do i need to say something? i mean oh well. this day was very tiring. i wake up, took a bath, dressed up and went to school. i stayed in school from 10:20 - 7:00pm. 8 hours and 40 minutes, i was running here and there inside the school campus. butbut half the time, that i was there, i was hanging out in my kingdom.

i had a very good lunch. it was a good lunch. not only does my wallet still has something in it, but also does my stomach full and tight. bsta. i was solved by 57 pesos. 1 bartburger, 1 jumbo burger a juice and a song, it felt like heaven! heaven to me. i kept thinking if i get someone to be with during the times i want to eat in BM (Burger Machine - place to go when you are saving money or if you dont have money at all), even if its far away, i could really save up. hah!!! this is something to think about. or maybe!!!! i should just bring my own food everyday.!!!

we have our ROTC tomorrow. and it bugs me that i have to wake up early again tomorrow to go to school. it bums me big time that we would be under the sun for 6 hours... actually not our platoon (we are just the regular guys! people don't care about us.. not a bad thing! at all!). we stay at the classroom and burn our butts until the we check our attendance in the field again and leave. hahhahahahah! i think it is really a waste of time to go to school and do that program. i don't know why they still implement that law... as i said, it is a law! so what can we do about it? even if we have the right to question that law??? as many people did, to take the program away, we will still fail. as to the governemtn it is an obligation. hahaha! obligation my ass. whatever!

i was watching this film, "il mare"(means 'the sea'), when i remembered recent events in the recent life in the recent recent recent!!!! it is a long story? 'i will tell you a long story. can i trust yoU!!!???' *sniff* *sniff* *sniff*

happy birthday tito villy! i hope you have many more birthdays to come... it is the birthday of my cousin's father, tito villy. they're our neighbor so when i got home from school, they invited me over to eat dinner. i was alone eating but it was fine. siomai, shanghai rolls, hicken, pancit... i was solved again!. i catched up with them when they were playing MONOPOLY. i was chatting with ate chri about the LRT and MRT. hahaha sana pwede na tyo magsabay sa LRT. mas masaya... wish ko lang!

the day is almost over. i have to sleep early. for tomorrow is another long day. hahaha catch ya'll when i catch ya'll!

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