Thursday, January 15, 2004

shout at the top my voice....

have you ever felt the urge to shout when you're so pressured of the happenings around you. its so hard not to see feel that burst in your heart. lidsuabdcldasjcnwli;euhfwnc lwuic;wajke clawhc;woai cwqb delau awdjncfeqwhgc'awoedichewjdb...

i really want to shout at the top of my voice. but i really can't. even if i wanted to. people will hear me and they would be asking me and i would be telling them my problem and it would result to crying and crying and crying. i really don't want that. my eyes hurt already. i've been crying my eyes out since monday and my eyes is not that swollen but it really hurts. it's like i've not slept for a whole week.

if you look at it closely. i don't want people to call me selfish but it would be very painful for both sides if it will continue. long-distance does not work that well. it is really hard. i know. i've been there and i don't think can do it again. pero if i don't know, i really can't say something. i couldn't end my statement because at times like this never does it happen that there is a repetition of situations. i couldn't get myself to type it and give out all the emotions inside of me. i just couldn't get it out of my system.

have you ever thought of this... my friend posted in our groups the question "is love for you?" have you given a thouht to this. when will it really come. when it will stay? who will it be? how will it happen? will it ever come? we don't know. well its for us to find out... i once said that if you want to know the taste of the food, you have to find it out yourself.

think about it. i am still thinking too.!!!!!

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