Sunday, January 04, 2004

happy birthday to my dearest zaza. harhar. zaza is my kadaeveryday friend. she is currently studying in benilde. and lastnight she, celebrated her debut.

the place was full of famous people from hollywood (we wish!) Relatives and friends came in glitz and glamour. and everybodyw as there to celebrate the wonderful evening and give joy to zaza's being here for 18 years. --->full of crap!!!!!

you could say that it was a reunion for some of our classmates. since the last time (i can't remember when), this was again the first time we meet. it was really fun. we get to tell zaza how we really love her. she's our friend that we would never forget. i didn't bring my camera so i'll just ask for copies of the picture after tonight. whenever!

for us, we had to show a video to zaza that we have been doing since forever. at first i didn't care about it, but because i was zaza's closest, i was given the responsibility of i tell - EVERYTHING! well it was okay as long as it's for zaza. but her sister! uuh!... oh well. long story!... all i can say is she's not the birthday girl. and the gift is not for her... thats all in the past...

the video took 20 minutes full of meesges from her friends that i have interviewed. commentaries from us.. and her pictures. na ginawa naming MTV. basts ool sha... may boring na part lang talaga para sa kin. kasi i have watched it 5 times and i edited it pa. i was drowned in zaza's everything. pictures. pictures. pictures. pictures.

the night was young and we started dancing when the music was turned on... we didn't stop until all got home. as ong as the music was up. we had fun in short.

happy birthday zaza!!!! love you!

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