Thursday, January 08, 2004

break, break, break

the topic for today is 3 subjects and a break. my subjects for today started at 9:40. but as early as 8am. i got to school one hour and a half earlier than my class because i don't want to stay home with all the blah blah blah here, and blah blah blah there. the moment i openned my eyes, i went straight to the bathroom and dressed up as fast as i can(my pjs, plain white shirt, and flappyflappy), but without knowing it. and my dad, without a doubt, scolded me again. for the nth time.

from agno, san (blockmate) and i harrassing ourselves to LS (the end of the world) where our class is. but the room was changed beause we were to watch an orientation / introduction on ENGLONE. and right after the short video, we were dismissed already. but because our class was divided into two (this subject only), half of them went back to their respective classroom. while amabel and i went to agno to wait for nix to arrive from the traffic. because nix took so long to arrive we still hanged out at SJ walk (cute-guy-spotted). there were none!. i left amabel and met up with nix and the first thing i asked her was, "how traffic was traffic!?". it was horrible. she arrived 2 hours after she left the house.. we ate siomai (so cheap, so yummy!) and ended playing billiards. and i, in onclusion had my three hours of break.

COMP2AE is my next class and our teacher (See, the same guy) was as always late, and after telling us what we would expect in this class, we were dismissed. the whole time he was talkin', i was checkin my mail (yahoo and hotmail). thank god i have openned at last my hotmail account. it was full already i wasnt receiving any messages since december 26. exxag!!!!all my mails bounced. so whoever sent me something. i'm very sorry i didn't get the chance to read your mail.

another 30-minute break for me in my kingdom. but i couldn't be late for my next class so pulled one song and savored every tune of it. it was worth it!!!

my last class and i'm off. hahaha. the teacher (Dr. Raymundo) was late and when he got there, the silence was deafening. you can even hear a pin drop to the floor. just asked us to group ourselves, gave us an assignment, and laid the classroom rules. and we were off. what a relief that they didn't start to discuss anything. ECONONE was over.

the day was over, 3:30 and my break added up to 4 hours all in all. it wasn't that bad for me. but it was for my pocket. it was all because dream. he was there... hahaha. he was all! i was okay! dream was there, i was there. dream went to class, so did i. dream went home, so did we.

joel, echo and i sung our last song in the kingdom and straight home. the moment i stepped in the house. i saw the food in the dining table, so i ate dinner so i could try to finish my assingment in accounting. but sadly, i couldn't get myself in place. to hold a pen and a 10-column worksheet and start the review exercise we were given. i really couldn't. i will just copy someone else's assignment tomorrow. i have all the time in the world. i have a 2-hour break everyday of the week. and i hate this sched of mine. i just didn't feel like adjusting anymore because it was really hard lining up in the office and knowing there the class you wanted to adjust into is closed. blah blah blah! i would just force myself to take it for the passing grade. to finish it and not fail. whatever. i wish we had our sched the last two terms. it was a nie one. not that much breaks and its halfday either the in the morning of in the afternoon. next term, i would definitely pick a subject which starts early and ends early. thank god next year we wouldn't have PE and ROTC. that would be taking out thorns from my throat.

well all i did was tell mystory. well because that is the purpose of this site. all about me, me, me, me, me, and me alone. but tell you something. when i hear something really funny or sad that you guys should know about. i'll tell you as soon as possible. well i gotsta go. catch you later.

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